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Tips To Avoid Back Pain Every Morning

As we age and become accustomed to a hectic schedule, we experience pains and stiffness in the muscles as well as joints throughout the body. One such pain we all have gone through one or the other time is the severe back pain in the morning. There may be a number of reasons for that to happen. They include a twisted sleeping position at night, regular desk jobs and inflammation in the back. Although it is advisable to contact your doctor in the situation of high pain, there are certain ways you can fight the morning back pain with effectiveness. This article intends to discuss comprehensive tips to avoid back pain every morning.

Prioritize Sleep

Our body requires a minimum of 6-7 hours of sleep a day to replenish the cells and feed the joints with enough strength. Hence, one thing you should avoid is bargaining of sleep to maintain a healthy back. On one hand, where lack of sleep may aggravate the back pain, adequate sleep, on the other hand, shall strengthen your back and reduce pain over time. So don’t forget to catch enough zzz’s in the night.

Apart from good sleep, what is also important is how you sleep. It is necessary to make sure you do not sleep on your stomach and maintain the natural spine position in the night. Sleeping on too many pillows can also aggravate the pain. Hence, make sure you sleep either on the back or your sides and place pillows between your knees while sleeping, making it the best posture.

Pay Heed to your Bed Set-Up

Even though you are sleeping in the recommended positions, you may still wake up with back and neck soreness. This is likely to happen to those who are prone to catching pain while sleeping on feather pillows. Feather pillows can be such that they may not provide enough neck support, thereby accumulating stress throughout the night. Hence, ditch those pillows in that case and bring in cervical pillows. Cervical pillows are designed in such a way that they facilitate the proper posture of the neck and back efficaciously. These pillows prevent us from sleeping on our stomach, which goes a long way in dealing with the back pain over time. You can also use lower back pain relief products such as cushions and lumbar pillows for your spine.

Apart from the pillows, the mattress we sleep in also plays a vital role in enabling us to avoid the soreness in the back. Avoid mattresses that are either too hard or too soft. Both these kinds of mattresses are not conducive to the neck and the back, making them stiff by the time you wake up. Therefore, opt for mattresses that are adequately firm. This shall ensure that your spine does not suffer from any wreckage and your back does not gather any pain.

Proper Way to Exit the Bed

It is very common amongst people to wake up in the morning and get up straight on the back, twist it and then put the entire pressure on the back to exit the bed. This method of getting up can harm the back over time, making it sore. The correct way is to rather scoop on one of your sides and use your arms to push your body up. This puts the least pressure over your back and ensures it prevents unnecessary stress. Therefore, it is paramount you consider the way you wake up after a night of sleep.

Consume Pain-relieving Foods

Diet is a very important factor in dealing with the back pain and soreness. Not only should we consume foods rich in vitamins and minerals but also foods that reduce inflammation in the body for a healthy back. Green leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach, broccoli, and spices such as cinnamon and turmeric cure the pain in the back internally. Apart from these foods, beets, sweet potatoes, nuts, watermelons and vegetable salads also reduce the inflammation in the back. Eat these foods regularly as they contain all the vitamins you need and aid in curbing the back pain effectively.

Indulge in Exercises

Fitness is paramount for the body to avoid strains and for the strengthening of the body. Exercises for lower back pain such as toe-touches, sit-ups, planks and pelvic tilts can be done in the morning to ward off the accumulated stress of the night. These shall ensure proper blood flow in the back and sublime form of the spinal cord. Exercises also ensure you develop strength in your core, thereby aiding your back gain resistance over time. Just remember not to overdo with the exercises as that can instead backfire, causing the pain to increase. Hence, perform light adequate exercises to wake up fresh in the morning.

Your sleep should be a way to relieve your body of all the tiredness accumulated all through the day. It is highly essential that you attain a good night’s sleep to get up and about for the forthcoming day. Hence, consider the above-mentioned suggestions and inculcate them in your daily schedule for maintaining a healthy and strong back throughout your life.


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