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Chakra healing helps in anti-aging

Chakra healing helps in anti-aging

Your cosmetic bills are soaring and no new product seems to slowdown the obvious and every pacing old age. Aging would have never been the concern that it is, unless it showed up in every form — your fitness, your prized skin and the overall you! Modern day science has had many attempts to slow the process but most means are a luxury to afford and others ineffective.

ChakraBut if one goes back in time, for more than two thousand years a general form of exercise has been able to gives priests and holy men the long healthy lives that we don’t even dare dream! Amid all the pills we take in a day to stay fit and keep age away from showing on our body, there is the non-jazzy, simple practice of meditation that works on us inside out.

According to an age-old concept believed by Hindus and Tibetians, our body has seven major chakras (points) which scientifically correspond to the body’s endocrine glands, and the practice of meditation focuses all the positive energy in the environment and the universe to bring in health and calm. Chakras (literally meaning wheels) are the epicenters of our body that help to gain from the abundant energies surrounding us.

This energy of the nature flows from the root, heart, sacral, throat, solar plexus and the third eye while meditating. Your body’s biological, spiritual and emotional side’s balance out through chakra meditation and the gift is slow aging and revival of a younger looking and feeling body.

So, how does chakra meditation make you feel younger?

  • Age is something that only increases, but the age you feel you are is the one that counts more than the number of candles on your birthday cake!
  • Firstly, take twenty minutes to an hour’s time for yourself in a day (yes that is the least you can do to feel young!).
  • Trust the healing process and look forward to the meditation process to allow your body to heal from the stress taken in for years, altogether.
  • It is no magic, the simple meditation process works on to attract the positive energy of the universe to the epicentres of your body and heal it. So, give it that chance to work.
  • Since the chakras fine tune us from inside out, different people practice in different steps, but the focus is to revitalise your body. It is therefore crucial to remember it is a gradual change of overtaking your thoughts and building a positive outlook on life.
  • Years of chakra healing meditation brings creativity, better perception of events, and benefits deep sleep, which has numerous benefits to the body and mind alike.
  • Age and stress are directly proportional and regular chakra meditation decrease the stress in one’s life, work, family, and even inter-personal relationships. This control on one’s emotions adds more patience and gradually eases out health problems and helps you to live healthier and hence, longer!

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