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Is Healthcare Destroying Your Health?

When it comes to healthy living, the secret to success is fairly straightforward – spend more time being happy, and less time being worried. Simple, right?

But what if it’s that very thing – our health – that is causing us stress? Now more than ever, it very well could be.

Let’s face it, healthcare is a mess, and because of this no one knows how to manage their health! Men and women are constantly forced to sort through confusing healthcare jargon and a complex billing system, leaving them feeling helpless and confused. Goodbye healthy living!

The good news? There are a number of free resources to get you back on track with your healthy lifestyle when “life” gets in the way – Cake Health being one of them.

health careCake Health is an online tool that helps users better understand their healthcare, track deductibles and coverage, catch medical over-billing and save money. There is no manual entry of information; all the site requires is your healthcare carrier login and password, and it will pull all of your medical history. It will even set automatic reminders for routine health costs such as monthly prescriptions or appointments.

A healthy lifestyle is made up of healthy habits such as staying on top of your finances, going to annual physicals and dental cleanings and most importantly, enjoying life. When you use Cake Health to manage your health costs, you rid yourself of the unnecessary time and energy it takes to organize and understand your bills – leaving you with more time to be happy, healthy and stress free.

By: Lindsay Norman


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