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Mortgage refinance What is ocular rosacea? – also known as rosacea eyes

If you have rosacea and suffer from eye problems such as irritation, inflammation, decreased vision, or conjunctivitis, you could be suffering from ocular rosacea and may need treatment from your doctor.

In order for an ophthalmologist to make a diagnosis, they will need to examine your symptoms, and your treatment will depend on the symptoms and the severity of the disease.

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Ocular rosacea symptoms are usually treated with oral antibiotics, such as tetracycline or doxycycline. Your doctor may also prescribe eye drops to increase tear production. They may also recommend that you use a humidifier or prescribe silicone plugs to close the tear drainage ducts – especially if you live in a dry climate.

Although there is no cure for ocular rosacea, the good news is that it can be treated in order to alleviate and lessen the symptoms.

Other treatments may include:

* Keep eyelids and eye lashes clean – treatment Wash the eyelids daily with diluted baby shampoo on a warm wet washcloth to help keep the tear glands clear and unblocked. Place a hot compress on your eyes for five minutes before the diluted baby shampoo is used to gently clean the corners of the eyes.

* Use hot compress

Apply a warm moist washcloth to the eyes several times a day. This will be helpful for the infection.

* Remove eye make up

Remove all eye make up before going to bed, and scrub the lashes very gently using diluted baby shampoo.

* Replace eye makeup

Doctors recommend replacing eye makeup every three to four months as there is a good chance of bacterial growth from the applicator after using it on your eyelids.

By replacing your eye makeup you can easily solve the problem of flaring or worsening of ocular rosacea symptoms.

New concepts for ocular rosacea treatment

Some doctors believe natural treatments are your best options because they work better, and they don’t have the serious side effects of conventional rosacea medicines. For many people, using the right natural treatments will provide long term relief from ocular and rosacea.

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