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Yoga for Seniors – Relieving Pain and Grumpiness


Yoga is a very attractive form of mental and physical fitness for senior citizens for very good reasons. When you look at a list of age-related health issues and conditions you start to notice how yoga can be used to help is as we age.

Common physical issues with growing older:

·         Weight gain

·         Reduced flexibility in the joints

·         Development of arthritis

·         More complications with breathing

·         Poor circulation and high blood pressure

·         Development of osteoporosis

·         Decreased lean body tissue

·         Difficulty sleeping

·         Chronic aches and pains

·         Hearing and vision difficulties

·         Plain ole’ grumpiness

Western cultures are beginning to understand what Eastern cultures have known about yoga for centuries. Yoga is far more than just a form of exercise. In fact, today it’s often considered a form of alternative medicine. Many doctors are suggesting yoga to treat pain and other serious medical conditions. Just like you may be armed with medications to treat back pain, yoga can be an effective tool to keep you healthy in terms of prevention, restoration and even therapy.

Here are a few reasons why yoga is catching on with the older crowd.

A Safer, Lower Impact Form of Exercise

YogaMost of us give up on contact sports and even going to the gym as we get older. Even certain lower impact activities like golfing or riding a bike can become difficult as we age. Pushing ourselves to perform well and develop more physically may be the goal when we are younger, but sooner or later most of us look for less stressful workouts offering less chance of serious injury. Yoga offers many of the same benefits as running or lifting weights, but it helps you maintain functional muscle strength and joint flexibility through low impact stretches and poses.

Increased Energy and Better Focus

Beyond simply stretching, increasing strength and aligning our bodies correctly yoga also offers various relaxation and meditation techniques. While westernized yoga is more about the physical; more about staying in shape, it still retains these mental training techniques that help you become more focused and energized throughout the day. At night, the practice of yoga and meditation can help you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep longer.

It’s a Healthy Hobby with Social Benefits

If you’re searching for a healthy, fun and energizing hobby, yoga will leave you feeling revitalized at the end of each session. Also, part of the fun of attending a yoga class is meeting other like-minded individuals who want to stay in shape.

Yoga’s popularity is increasing because people of any age group can participate. The best place to start yoga if you are a senior citizen is at a local yoga studio. If you are not comfortable with this, begin with yoga videos at home. Simple stretching videos will help you gauge your level of flexibility and strength. Meditation videos will help you become aware of the mind-body connection and help you focus on breathing and relaxation. As with any form of exercise, seek professional medical advice first.


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