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Yoga an ancient indian art of healthy living.. is how much benificail for human body ? according to you ?

Yoga is an ancient indian science of healthy living. Pranayams n asanas can change your life.. n u can b get rid of ur physical problems. Born and discovered in india.. and now benefitted to the whole world… how magical is Yoga is?Your Comments plz…

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  1. riju1988 says:

    According to me it helps me a lot in concentration and refreshes ur mind if u do it early morning infront of the sun for at least 5 to 7 minutes.

  2. asbharadwaj says:

    Its really useful..and it really helps…

  3. lois d says:

    it is good try it.

  4. nadadime says:

    I wouldn’t say that Yoga is magical exactly. The benefits of it come from the stretching and breathing exercises. It helps to clear my mind of worries and stress which allows me to relax, which in turn allows me to focus on my body’s inner works. Yoga puts me at peace with myself.

  5. SuperStar898721 says:

    I love yoga, I’ve been doing yoga for 3 years, since I was 16. And its awsome 🙂 I do Bikram yoga and its cool beacuse it keeps me in awsome shape, its calming, and now I’m super flexible 🙂 So I love it 🙂


    Yoga is very very beneficial and its more than a magic.As magic is not real, but yoga helps in real life.
    Yoga meaning of word is actually union with Divine.
    Which happens automatically after self realization- awakening of kundalini.
    Visit our nearest center and enjoy the bliss.
    Its free.

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