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Should Women Take Evening Primrose Oil?

Primrose oil, which is also known as evening primrose oil is a good health product. It is made out of a plant that flowers at dusk hence the name. It has quite a few health benefits and it has been utilized in a variety of ways for hundreds of years.

The evening primrose flower (O. biennis) produ...

The evening primrose flower (O. biennis) produces an oil containing a high content of ?-linolenic acid, a type of n?6 fatty acid. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Primrose oil includes several essential omega-6 fatty acids and linoleic acid. These two ingredients benefit us in a variety of ways. Fatty acids are needed to carry out numerous important functions within the body from regulating the heart and boosting the assimilation of insulin. In addition it contains gamma linoleic acids, which add to its health benefits. These types of acids are believed to reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases as well as help control the usage of insulin and maintain the appropriate body weight. Linoleic acid helps to reduce inflammation and irritation of skin.

Evening primrose oil can be used to deal with many problems. It is particularly helpful for women. Many women take it so they can manage PMS (premenstrual syndrome). Many women find that it helps to reduce swelling in the abdomen and bust. Some women find it helps to relieve cramps as well.

Primrose oil is also often effective for getting rid of eczema, psoriasis and acne treatment. Its anti-inflammatory attributes are thought to be the main reason many people with rheumatoid arthritis find it helps them to manage their condition. It alleviates joint pain for some and keeps swelling down. However, it is very important to realise there are several kinds of arthritis, so you should talk to your doctor prior to taking it.

Research reveal the fact that primrose oil benefits men by reducing their blood cholesterol levels. The linoleic acid in the oil is thought to reduce the likelihood of abnormal blood clotting. However, again it is a good idea to consult with your Doctor to make certain that there are no conflicts with the drugs you might be currently using to control your blood pressure or cholesterol .

Research into the benefits associated with evening primrose oil is ongoing and fresh uses are being uncovered constantly. It is thought to be effective in treating the after-effects of alcoholism. The withdrawal symptoms of alcohol dependency and post-drinking depressive disorder symptoms are greatly reduced, and the oil decreases the effects of alcohol poisoning and hangovers. Inflammation that results from multiple sclerosis and other ailments can often be reduced using evening primrose oil products. The transmission of nerve impulses and memory issues linked to Alzheimer’s disease can even be helped if you take this supplement.

It is early days, however there is little question that when used carefully evening primrose oil has many uses. Research into this product is ongoing, but there are already several health problems that can be helped using this fantastic natural product.

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