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Weight Watchers is an international company, operating in over 30 countries worldwide, offering dieting products and weight loss programs. The company designs its programs around scientific research  to maximize weight loss. The weight watcher programs features: healthy habits, smart eating, exercising and support systems.

Weight Watchers has continually received rave reviews, and is often considered to be the best weight loss diet program, by both US and World sources. The easy to follow plan has been key to its success, and has  helped the company dominate the weight loss market. Another key aspect of the Weight Watcher program’s popularity is the program’s flexibility with no food being off limits in the diet plan. The diet plan fits even the most hectic of lifestyles, with the focus being not what you eat but how much you eat.

The weight watchers program uses a guide know as Points Plus, which  tailors the program to the individuals needs. Points Plus program values  food intake and activity  in a point system, allowing the user to eat real food in the real world, whilst losing those extra pounds.

The points plus system features 40,000 food items as well as 3,500 recipes, all of which are accessible through Iphone or Android apps. This easy to use system, allows the user to quickly find point plus values when looking for meal ideas.

Reviews of weight watchers, by several users, nutritionists, physicians, and diet experts . Indicates the positive effects the plans have in the areas of short-term weight loss, long-term weight loss, being easy to follow, overall nutrition value, safety, diabetes and heart health compatibility.

Short-term Weight Loss with weight watchers was scored as 4 stars, with special note to the fact that by following the program, one could lose  up to two pounds in a week.

In terms of long term Weight Loss the program scored 3.5 stars. With experts acknowledged the balanced diet and absence of food restrictions in Weight Watchers diet plan as key to success.

Meanwhile due to its emotional support, the fact that all foods are allowed and choice the weight watchers plan gives. Critics rated the program 3.75 stars in the category of Easiest to follow, exceeding every other diet plans score.

The diets nutritional value was rated as 4 stars, many noting that the plan highlighted the importance of a balanced diet. In the same vein the safety of the platform was rated highly (4.5) and praised for its transitional approach to dieting.

In the field of Diabetes and Heart Health Compatibility, Weight Watchers received an average score of 3 stars and 3.5 stars. Being praised for the assistance it gives patients with diabetes and/or obesity problems to deal with their condition, lowering   the risk of development or aggravation of the condition. Weight Watchers diet plans also have a tendency to lower the bad cholesterol, and thus  reducing the risk for heart diseases.

Aside from these, Weight Watchers also provides discounts using Weight Watchers online promotional codes that help people experience Weight Watchers at a discounted price.

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    1. Medical Equipment Expert says:

      I agree with this article and believe any program is worth trying, and weight watchers has been around for a very long time, however, I think mental health is something that is overlooked when trying to to loose weight and continue a healthy lifestyle. Daily, meditations, Yoga, finding support groups, giving yourself a “break” from time to time, are all important aspects of developing the mental strength to stay consistent in any healthy routine or “program”. There is no fast fix to this developmental stability. To many people fail, because the mind is not worked on with the same vigor. Physical fitness is a great place to start in getting the mind healthy, but in order to be a complete person, mental fitness needs to be focused on with the same intent.

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