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Seven Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence

Self confidence is a tricky beast and it’s something that most people have difficulty with at one time or another. Improving ones self confidence isn’t easy and it’s something that can often only really be achieved with time.

The good news is that giving your self confidence an artificial, but speedy, boost is nowhere near as difficult. It’s all about choosing your battles wisely and making the changes that will have the most significant effect now. Here are seven simple ways to boost your self confidence.

Sort out your Body

It might sound superficial but one of the fastest ways to increase your self confidence is to simply get your body in shape. Hit the gym and get into the habit of doing so regularly.

Working out isn’t just good for your endorphin levels, it can make you look, and subsequently feel, more attractive.

And if you’ve packed on a few pounds of late, sort out your diet too. Being overweight can wreak havoc with just about anyone’s self esteem levels.

Revamp Your Style

Speaking of looking good, a speedy confidence boost can also be found by simply revamping your style. Invest in a new haircut and some new clothes. If you’re sometimes a little lazy with your personal hygiene, sort that out too. The key is to leave your home each and every morning knowing that you look your best.

Challenge Yourself

A slightly more long term approach towards improving your self confidence can be found in challenging yourself to achieve something difficult. There’s nothing quite like working hard on something and winning to boost a persons self esteem.

If there’s room for a promotion, chase it. If you’ve always wanted to learn a language, hit the language section of your local book store. Achieve something that you can be proud of.

Speak Up

When you’re suffering from self esteem issues, it’s only natural to want to keep your mouth shut. Unfortunately, keeping quiet isn’t going to help you to overcome your problem.

Get into the habit of speaking up just for the sake of it. You don’t have to say anything particularly clever, the point is to simply practice speaking with confidence. Over time, it will become natural.

Learn About Body Language

body language

Most people with low self esteem have terrible body language. Learning about body language and subsequently improving your own is not just beneficial for how people see you, it tends to have a knock on effect on your own confidence.

Learn to stand up straight and to walk with purpose. While it might be uncomfortable at first, practice looking people straight in the eye when talking to them.

Make a Speech

More self-confidence

One of the easiest ways to boost your confidence is to listen to a motivational speaker. Unfortunately, it also happens to be one of the most expensive. The good news is that talking to yourself in a motivational fashion can be almost as effective.

Come up with a sixty second speech about both what you are good at and what you have achieved. Practice this speech on front of the mirror every morning. It might sound simple but it’s known to be highly effective.

Do Something That Scares You

Finally, try to do something that scares you on a daily, or even weekly, basis. There’s nothing like overcoming a fear for really kicking your confidence levels into overdrive.

If you’re afraid to talk to members of the opposite sex, make an approach. If you’re afraid to go to a bar on your own, grab your shoes and go. The more fears that you manage to overcome, the more confident you are going to feel.

Helen Sanders is the leading corporate soft skills trainer in Australia. She likes blogging in her spare time and gives tips and advice on personality development on her blogs. She is really impressed with the positive results that can be achieved by using Krown Hypnotherapy.

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