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Different Ways of Using Mustard Oil

Mustard oil

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Mustard oil is known to be extremely versatile and can be used for both therapeutic and household requirements. There are two types of mustard oil– regular mustard oil and mustard essential oil. The former is derived from the pressing of mustard seeds and can be used in numerous ways such as hair growth treatments and for curing joint aches and pains. The latter is derived by grinding mustard seeds and then distilling them in water and serves as an irritant for the skin and the lungs. It is mostly used for insect and pet repellent products.

Important Uses of Mustard Oil
For Easing Joint Aches and Pains

You can use mustard oil for easing your joint pains and aches. Mustard oil contains selenium amounts which are anti inflammatory in nature. What you need to do, is to pour two spoons containing mustard oil into a pan and then warm it. After that, add three or four garlic cloves into the pan and then heat until the oil has become very dark in color. Once the oil has cooled down, you can apply it for the sore areas of your body for reducing inflammation. You will be certain to experience instant relief.

For Reducing Pain in the Ear

Mustard oil maybe used for the reduction of ear pain. For this purpose, you need to combine a quarter of teaspoon thyme seeds along with two chopped and peeled garlic cloves. Then mix in one tablespoon containing mustard oil and then heat this formula in a pan. Keep heating until the garlic and the seeds have turned brown in color. After that you need to pour the liquid through one wire mesh strainer. Allow it too cool down to lukewarm and then gradually drop this oil into your infected ear using an ear dropper. The pain shall soon be relieved.

For Vitalizing Hair

You may use mustard oil for the purpose of vitalizing your hair and giving it a vibrant and fresh look. In order to do so, you need to boil a cup of the mustard oil that is interspersed with four tablespoons worth of henna leaves. After that strain and the bottle this resulting oil and massage your scalp very thoroughly with it. If you have dandruff problems, you need to combine a tablespoon each of mustard oil, coconut oil and castor oil and massage your hair with it. Leave it for four or five hours or overnight and then rinse your hair thoroughly.


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