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Active SEAL is a safe, economical protector for casts and bandages during recreational water activities or daily showering and bathing. Easy application eliminates the need for pumps, velcro straps and adhesive tapes that may irritate skin. Made of TPE, a high performance thermoplastic elastomer that stretches easily, Active SEAL maintains a waterproof seal. Reusable and folds compactly. With normal care, lasts for three to four weeks of daily usage. Please note that it may be affected by chemicals and heat. Usage: Use for swimming, water sports, whirlpools, hot tubs, showering or bathing to protect casts and bandages. The Seal Tight will fit over your leg. If you have are purchasing for a child, then please select the relevant pediatric size. Sizes and Lengths: 20362: Pediatric Small – 25 inches 20322: Adult Short Leg (Below the Knee) – 24 inches 20323: Adult Long Leg (Above the Knee)- 40 inches **PLEASE NOTE – THIS ITEM IS A ‘ONE PATIENT USE’. IF THE ITEM HAS BEEN USED – THEN IT CANNOT BE REFUNDED DUE TO HYGIENE REASONS** Select Size Required:: 20362: Pediatric Small – 25″, 20322: Adult Short Leg – 24 inches, 20323: Adult Long Leg – 40 inches

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