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Vulkans’s Aerotherm neoprene range of supports is designed to provide an optimum amount of heat, support and compression. Featuring quality neoprene with uniform cell wall construction and even compression grade material, the products offer the best possible combination of materials. This is invaluable in helping prevent soft tissue injuries or helping them repair if already injured. Vulkan neoprene features a unique spiral lining which is critical in removing excess sweat to create a near normal enviroment around the injury. This aids recovery by giving a micro massage to the injured joint, constantly activating the skin’s receptors to enhance the feeling of support. Features: The Vulkan Back Support provides compression and warmth to the lumbar area. It is contoured for an improved fit with easy touch.close fastening. Ideal for lumbago, lower back pain and rheumatic pain. Correct Sizing: To ensure correct size, please take the measurement around the circumference just of your waist. Select Size Required:: Extra Small: 60 – 70cm, Small: 70 – 80cm, Medium: 80 – 90cm, Large: 90 – 100cm, Extra Large: 100 – 110cm

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