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Top Health Benefits from Table Tennis

Top Health Benefits from Table Tennis

There are many games, sports and other activities that can provide you with some serious health benefits. Many of these are great aerobic activities, and one of these happens to be Table Tennis.

While many think of this sport as something that is simply a casual, fun way to hang out with family and friends while passing the time, this just isn’t the case. Table Tennis, or Ping Pong, provides players with tons of health benefits, and this is one of the greatest reasons why you need to play Table Tennis.

These health benefits that this game offers are some of the best reasons why you should play Ping Pong. The following five fitness benefits are just some of the reasons why you need to play Table Tennis.

Ping Pong health benefits1.) It is a gentle way to ease into fitness. Instead of hitting a treadmill or hopping on a bike, you can utilize Ping Pong to get into fitness in a way that is not traumatic. While it is a fast, sweaty sport at the highest levels of play, you can start out playing at your own capabilities, slowly stretching and building muscles and stamina.

2.) Table Tennis burns off big calories. Calorie burn differs for everyone, and there are a lot of variables including age, weight, gender, height and more that could determine how many calories one can actually burn off. A common estimate is that a fun, friendly and casual game of Table Tennis over an hour burns about 300 calories. An hour of relaxed Ping Pong play can burn off as many calories as a thirty minute jog or light gymnastics.

3.) It is an aerobic exercise. Talk to any doctor, personal trainer or, heck, anyone you meet on the street, and he or she can tell you about how beneficial aerobic exercise is. There are lots of benefits to aerobic activities; one of the biggest benefits is that they keep you healthy preventing problems like cardiovascular disease. This sort of fitness activity creates natural pain relievers, oxygenates your blood, helps get your major muscles doing and so much more.

4.) Ping Pong can speed up your reflexes. While it may be a bit slow paced as you get started, Table Tennis is a super speedy game at the highest levels. Playing this game requires quick thinking and quick movements; the more you play, the faster your reflexes will be and the better your hand eye coordination will become.

5.) Table Tennis gives you more than a healthy body, but it can also help you to have a healthy brain. Table Tennis players need coordination and quick, clear thinking. This sport can be as intellectually stimulating and beneficial as a game of chess or a crossword puzzle. As with the other great fitness benefits that Ping Pong offers, the more you play, the more you will develop your mental muscles, helping you to become quicker and smarter in other areas of your life as well.

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