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The Tongkat Ali extract is the most powerful of the many Tongkat Ali compositions. In its purest form, the herbal treatment will increase the testosterone levels in men and women. These findings were revealed in two ZRT Laboratory reports released in early 2005. The London Sports Journal furnished a report in 2003 showing that male users of the extract gained strength and muscle mass.

These findings have led to a significant increase in production and distribution of the Southeast Asian based alternative healing product. The increased demand for the extract from Europe and North America has paved the way for modernization of the once labor intensive and time consuming manufacturing process.

Understanding the Strength of the Tongkat Ali Extract

The strength of the pure Tongkat Ali extract ranges from 1:50 to the most powerful composition 1:200. If a composition is 1:200, 200 grams of the herbal root are used to create one gram of the extract.

The 1:200 extract is the most poignant herbal composition. To determine the most effective dosage, users should begin with one application per day and then adjust as they see fit. How many applications are used per day is dependent upon the user’s weight, age and body size.

An application process called cycling is the most popular method of ingestion. Normally the user begins the cycle by ingesting the extract for five successive days. The cycle then stops for two days before commencing again. The result will provide a consistently elevated testosterone level in the user as well as increased libido and a higher level of energy.

Tongkat Ali and the Eurycoma Longifolia Tree

The Tongkat Ali extract is derived from the two meter long vertically extended root of mature 12-meter, 20 – 30 year old Eurycoma Longifolia tree found in Southeast Asian rainforests. With the deforestation of much of the region, the largest supplies of Tongkat Ali are now found in Malaysia and Indonesia. Some trees are also found in Burma.

The tree thrives in sandy soil, requires a fair degree of moisture and prefers a shady cover. The tree is slow to mature. Only fully mature trees, usually 20 – 30 years old, are used for the manufacture of Tongkat Ali.

The roots are carefully harvested from the forests and taken to modern manufacturing facilities. The harvesting process is extremely labor-intensive. The bark of the tree is often used to create other alternative medicines used primarily in the region.

The Manufacturing Process

With the expansion of the demand into international markets, the Malaysian government has supported the development of new manufacturing and distribution systems. Now large stainless steel bins are used to cleanse, heat and dry the roots before they are ground into a coffee-like substance. The substance is then readied for distribution in convenient tablet, capsule or liquid form.

Tongkat Ali extract is now distributed internationally with recognized providers. Each container confirms the strength of the composition. The Malaysian government is very supportive of the ongoing research about the extract and has supported the industry’s state-of-the art manufacturing technology.

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