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How to Use Your Subconscious Mind to Your Own Advantage


Our Subconscious mind controls a significant proportion of our lives. How we act and react to a particular situation depends on how we perceive it subconsciously. There are many exercises that allow us to frame our thoughts in a better way to enable us to get fruitful results in our lives.

The mind has two parts to it, the conscious and the sub conscious. What we think, what we feel, how we react depends entirely on what state of mind we are in. It is our subconscious thoughts and beliefs that control our emotions and outlook towards life. Therefore, it is important that we understand our subconscious mind and use it to our advantage. Below are listed a few important tips that will help you achieve more effective thinking patterns in the subconscious mind;

  • Think and feel happy: We always look for reasons to be and feel happy but in reality it is the other way round. If you feel happy and think positive, things will automatically start falling in place. Thoughts need direction and these directions are dictated by our feelings.  Therefore, irrespective of what your present situation is, you should always determine to think and feel happy.
  • Attract Positivity:  To be wealthy, you have to act wealthy. You simply can’t wait for things to happen. Believe in the miracles and allow them to happen to you. For example – if you want to lose weight, imagine yourself to be healthy and fit, act as if you have already lost the weight and now you just want to maintain it.  Act as though it has already happened and you will eventually achieve what you are seeking.
  • Make the change in your thoughts first:  To bring about a change, you need to envision a change. You need to re-look at the situation from a different perspective. You need to reprogram the images or pictures that are playing inside of your mind a little differently. It is important to understand that you don’t have to understand the formula or secret behind success. You simply need to act as per your conviction to achieve that success.
  • Start and end your day on a positive note:  The mind reacts to thoughts that are consistent. This is why it always advisable that you say positive things to yourself before sleeping and waking up. A positive word of self appreciation during these moments can do wonders to the patterns of your thoughts.
  • Focus sincerely:  You need to have proper focus. The Universe works in a very strange and mystical way. Therefore, through the sincerity of our thoughts, we have to declare to the universe what we want, so that we can attract it.

Our mind is a powerful tool. It knows how to attract and reject things. Therefore, we must master the art of controlling it. Positivity is different from exaggeration and we always have to keep this in mind. Therefore we must train our subconscious mind in such a way that it always helps us achieve our goals.

About the Author:  John McLane is a great admirer of the subconscious mind. He is a philosopher by profession and respects the finding of science in day to day life. He has read lots of material and books on the subconscious mind and has also practised self hypnosis techniques and relaxation techniques for anxiety.





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