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SleepRight Secure-Comfort Dental Guard

The SleepRight Secure-Comfort is the standard dental guard that has stood the test of time and will suit the majority of people.Do you suffer from sleepless nights, jaw pain and headaches due to clenching and grinding of your teeth? Known as bruxism, this relatively little known condition is hitting the headlines. A recent press report, published in the Saturday Telegraph 21st March 2009 highlights the problem. It points out that teeth grinding is on the increase due to stress over the recession, with people in financial services suffering most, demonstrated by a huge increase in sales of the SleepRight ready to wear dental guard to customers in that sector over recent weeks. SleepRight could be the answer to your problems. Recommended by dentists worldwide SleepRight is now available in the UK without prescription. SleepRight is CE Certified and approved by the British Health Foundation and has been the number one dental brand in the US. SleepRight Dental Guard provides a cushion of space between your teeth that will help protect them from the destructive forces generated by overactive chewing muscles. Spacing your teeth apart also decompresses the jaw joints (TMJ) and acts as a splint. Your SleepRight`s articulating bitepads are made of a hybrid resilient material that slip comfortably between your teeth and are designed to re-establish your natural freeway space. They interrupt the clenching cycle so that the jaw muscles can relax. The SleepRight is not a hard acrylic device but neither is it a soft guard that can encourage grinding. It is a unique, tried and tested firm but resilient guard that will take less time to get used to than other guards. Experts agree that the key to controlling bruxism is to become more aware and then modify behavour accordingly. You can do this by developing the proven philosophy of lips together, teeth apart whenever you can. As hundreds of thousands of bruxism sufferers worldwide have discovered, wearing a SleepRight dental guard at night can help you to sleep better and see an end to damaged teeth as well as morning headaches and jaw pain. It can also be worn during the day when driving or other stressful situations. For best results, wear your dental guard at least 30 minutes before retiring to bed. Concentrate on lips together, teeth apart to initiate jaw muscle relaxation. FDA Lightweight, durable & comfortable approved, CE Certified, BDHF ApprovedLightweight, durable & comfortableSafe & easy bruxism protection for teeth & TMJRecommended by dentists worldwideReady to wear, no boiling needed.Designed by a specialist in dentistry

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