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Simple Ways to Have a Healthy Pregnancy

Amoralia GlowFinding out you’re pregnant for the first time is one of those life-changing moments. It inspires joy, grand excitement, and oftentimes a desire to correct bad habits and make positive changes.

We all know it’s important to stay healthy during pregnancy in order to have a comfortable nine months of maternity and deliver a healthy baby; but many of us are unsure where to start. Of course every woman wants the ‘glow’! Thankfully it’s actually quite easy to stay in shape, eat well and reduce stress during this special time of life. Read on to find out how.

The Right Attitude

It might sound simple but one of the best things you can do to start your pregnancy off on the right foot is to adopt a positive attitude. Yes, there will be days when you’re exhausted beyond belief (the first trimester is notorious for this) or times when you wonder if you’ll ever fit into your old clothes again. But these times are all just part of the journey and you’ll want to enjoy it as much as you can.

Gather as much information as you can; arm yourself with ideas for increasing energy when you’re feeling drained and lifting your mood when you’re feeling blue. You’re already on your way!

Start Moving

Now that you’re expecting it’s especially important to stay mobile. Exercise during pregnancy helps in so many ways- not only will you feel better once you get your endorphins going, you’ll improve your metabolism and strengthen your muscles, which is of utmost importance for giving birth.

Join an ante-natal yoga or aerobics class and you’ll have a great, pre-scheduled time to get your exercise in. You can also try swimming- it feels wonderful to float when you’re carrying extra weight. And if you don’t have time to visit the gym, don’t panic! Simple exercises like a 20-minute morning stroll or evening stretching session are all you need to stay fit and healthy.

Nutritious Foods for you and Baby

It’s easy to say you’ll eat well, but when those cravings for chocolate kick in it can all go out the window. Giving in to cravings for sugary or salty treats is fine, as long as you balance them out with healthy choices the majority of the time.

Trade your white bread for whole wheat, and your sodas for fruit juice mixed with sparkling water. Buy loads of fruits and vegetables when you go shopping- remember that what you have on hand is what you’ll eat when hunger strikes.

One way to really enjoy eating well during pregnancy is to plan healthy meals and cook with your partner- this is also a good opportunity to spend quality time together. Try to get your partner on board with healthy eating as well- it’s much easier to stay on track when you have some support.

Reduce Daily Stress Levels

Keep stress to a minimum by doing a quick evaluation of any stressful factors and developing a realistic plan for reducing them. For some, this may mean eliminating an activity or two from your schedule, while others may consider a change in work, hiring a housekeeper or just getting better organised.

In addition to having the right attitude, exercising, reducing stress and eating well, you’ll want to closely follow any directions by your doctor or healthcare provider. Read on to learn more about preventing stretch marks during pregnancy.

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