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5 Ways to Let Your Baby Feel that They Are Loved

The most important thing you must do for your baby is letting her know that she is loved. Babies are blooming when they are surrounded by a nice, relaxing, loving environment. Even small babies communicate with their parents, through gestures, sounds, touches, smells and facial expressions. Even if your baby is very little, it doesn’t mean you can’t show them just how much you love them.

baby shower giftA good way to show her you love her is to take her in your arms and to hold her as close to your body as possible. Small babies enjoy a lot of close contact with their parents. This type of body contact helps them relax and it even ease small pains, like cramps or toothaches, when the first teeth start showing. When your little one is agitated and in a bad mood, take them in your arms and let them feel the warmth of your body and your heartbeats. This will show the baby that the mommy and daddy are there for them all the time, loving and taking care of them.

Singing to the baby is another way to show to your child how much you love them. Even if you are not the best singer, the sound of your voice will make your baby happy and calm. Small babies react very well to the sound of their parents’ voice.

Reading and talking to them as much as possible will also show the baby how much you love them. Talking to babies from a very early age is very important for their emotional and intellectual development. Babies learn to relate and to trust other if you speak to them from the moment that they were born. Also, if you talk a lot to your baby, they will learn the meaning of the words you are using and they will start speaking very early. You can start reading to babies very early in life. Your little prince or princess will live to hear the sound of your voice reading to them in the evenings, even if they are only five or six months old. The babies might not understand everything at that age, but they certainly pick up your voice, tone, and intonation. Creating an evening routine will help your baby to relax and to go to sleep happy.

You can show you baby you love him or her by spending as much time as possible around them. If you already started to work, try to relax once you get home and to enjoy the time you have left. Even if it’s only a few hours, try to make the most out of it. Play with all of the baby’s favorite toys, sing some songs, and give the baby a nice bath. Don’t let the stress and the problems from the job to have a bad impact on the time you are spending with your little one.

A very important way to show your child you love them is to teach them to be sociable and independent. You can only succeed in this very important task if you allow other family members, like grandparents, uncles, aunts and others to spend some time with your little one. Most parents are afraid to do that especially with small babies, but it’s very important to let her be independent.

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