The 3 Week Diet

Safe and Easy Weight Loss Regimen

The most common drill practiced by many individuals is to eat food with a few calories and eventually burn them through a workout. Although this can be effective for a number of weight loss enthusiasts, it may not apply to other people. Weight loss is actually choosing the right regimen that suits you and not just about conforming to the trends. On your way to weight loss, consider these tips as your guide:

Write down what you should eat for one week and strictly follow the plan.

Disciplining oneself for a week can promote a lifetime of good health. Prepare a food diary and write down all the food that you desire to eat for seven days. Make sure that you follow a 7am-12pm-7pm mealtime scheme. Proportion your food correctly and start with huge amounts at the beginning of the day. As the hours pass by, make sure that the quantity is reduced. Eat the smallest during dinner and consider this as the final food for the day.

Equip yourself with a weight loss buddy.

Since today’s generation is an influx of gadgets and devices, you can actually make use of technology in achieving successful weight loss. You can download a weight loss app into your smartphone and use it in your daily weight loss routine. There are hundreds of weight loss apps that can be used and most of them are free of charge. Use the internet as well and avail of a free online-based weight maintenance program. In here, you can make use of online BMI calculators, workout timers and workout videos. Another way is to enter social media sites. You can get the opportunity to meet other individuals who are in the same weight loss environment. Sharing each other’s goals, tips and advice can help in the process of losing weight.

Stick with water and fruit juices when hunger strikes.

A strong appetite is the enemy when you want to lose weight. Actually, this is the hardest to control. Three main meals of the day should not be bypassed therefore, these have to be satisfied. When cravings strike in between meals, it is better to drink a glass of water or fresh fruit juice. This will give you a feeling of fullness and at the same time keep you going throughout the day.

Invest in a pedometer.

The average number of steps that should be achieved daily is 2,000 to 3,000 for the normal person. By using a pedometer, you can monitor the number of steps you are able to reach daily and if you decide to lose more weight, consider another 1,000 steps during your daily routine. Additional 1,000 steps can help you remove a number of pounds in one month. Upon reaching your desired weight, you can get back to the regular number of steps. A pedometer doesn’t cost that much and having this tool in your pocket motivates you to walk more. This is lightweight and easy to use.

Stay away from the kitchen for 12 hours.

Passing by the kitchen invites you to open the fridge or food storage. This will arouse your need for food and eventually make you eat a lot. Avoid late evening snacks because taking in calories at night increases stored fats especially during sleep. Twelve hours of staying away from the kitchen everyday will control your urge for food. Once the dishes are done and the lights are turned off, the kitchen should be a prohibited place.

They say that losing weight is one of the most difficult things to do, but when you are determined, you will find that all the regimens are easy and attainable.

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