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Yet More Reasons Why You Can't Beat A Glass Of The Humble H2O

We all know that drinking water is a good thing to do right? We understand that it keeps us hydrated and we also know that without it, we’d perish. However, many people still need to up their intake of drinking water, and often the reason they avoid it is because the water from their tap doesn’t taste too good. If your drinking water isn’t very nice, then you can fix this easily by installing a water filter in your sink, or keeping a filter jug in the fridge. Or, you can buy bottled water, but this often works out to be a more expensive option. Now you’ve got the taste problem sorted, read on for loads of good reasons why water is wonderful:

It Will Make You More Appealing to the Opposite Sex!

What is sweat made from? Water of course! The more water you consume, the easier your body finds it to produce sweat, which in turn means that it can push dirt and oil away from your skin. We all know that drinking water makes us look younger, but it can also make us look healthier and more vibrant too. So, drink loads of water before a workout, and afterwards have a shower while you are still sweating. The warm water will wash the sweat away, along with all its impurities. You will emerge looking clean, fresh and youthful.Research has shown that people that drink lots of water also have much shinier and healthy-looking hair. So the next time a flick of your locks gets you some attention, bear in mind you have a glass of water to thank!

It Will Make You Cleverer!

Your body is made up of between 50-75% water, which means so are your internal organs. Every single organ will benefit from you putting more water into your system, and none more so than your brain. If there was no water in your brain it would be a quarter of the size that it is now!

It Will Make You Run Faster!

Water is an essential aid when you are exercising. Firstly, of course, it is because you will stay hydrated. But also, water is great for making sure your joints are working as they should be. It will help to lubricate joints and keep your tendons and cartilage healthy. This means you are at far less risk of injury, and you are much less likely to suffer from joint and back pain when you are older. Always take a big bottle of water along to a workout – you will benefit so much more from it.

It’s really easy to up your water intake. Just set yourself a goal of around eight glasses every day, and get into a routine with it. If you are travelling or away from home then make sure you carry a flask of water around with you. If you work in an office, ask if a water cooler could be made available to you and your colleagues. If you are met with resistance, explain to them about the impact it would have on your brain!

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