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Pros and Cons of Different Long Term Care Options

senior careWhen we are thinking about providing the proper healthcare options for our elderly, there are multiple options that we can actually choose from including assisted living facilities, home care and skilled nursing care and even independent community living. These senior housing communities come with their pros and cons and therefore careful assessment to choose the most appropriate environment completely based on the need. The following are some of the options that people have:

Assisted living facilities

The Assisted Living Federation of America defines the term as a long term care option for needy people, wherein the care includes the housing and various other support services. It is designed for individuals who seek assistance even with the daily chores including the preparation of meals, medication, dressing, bathing and transportation. Patients with memory disorders like Alzheimer’s may also need assistance with their mobility and other challenges. Each individual is assessed and assisted living stops when there is improvement in their condition. These service plans are individualistic in nature.

Sometimes the home healthcare may not be simply enough especially for people with related dementia or Alzheimer’s, then it are known as “Special Care Units” or SCUs. These are departments that comes with additional security and other infrastructure support with licensing to provide the necessary assistance for the individuals. Each of these SCUs actually differs in their provision for care they deliver along the gamut of disease. There are some that will specifically accept the people with dementia and their related issues, and others will only accept people who are in the initial stages of the condition.

Congregate housing communities

The home health care agencies defines that congregate housing to be similar to independent living except that it also provides assistance with certain services like meals, transportation and housekeeping.

Continuous care retirement communities

Any community offers different levels of assistance including the benefits of independent living in assisted living and nursing home care. Different from other housing and care options available for the senior, the community living begins with a written agreement between the resident and the community. The contract states about a wide range of services covered in the home healthcare offered to the resident or applicable to everyone in the campus.

These communities also offer housing services and nursing care, usually from a single location wherein the services are paid through long term contracts with the resident. Complying with the laws of the state, each community is overviewed differently according to the variance of services on offer.

Home health care services

The home healthcare  services is a wide gamut of services that are provided within the confines of one’s own home and is generally preferred by people who has certain conditions, illness and injury. The service enables the individual to actually regain their confidence and independence through part time or intermittent nursing care, therapy, and other occupational therapies.

Independent living

Designed for the more stubborn people who need little assistance with their activities in daily life, certain services like laundry, housekeeping and meals is done by the people. Usually there is an in house staff or an agency looking after the matter with the residents paying monthly rental fees. Sometimes may need hospitality and support services and since these are government subsided arrangements, the residents actually have complete choice whether they want to partake in the community services or not.

Nursing homes

People usually avoid nursing homes because of the following reasons:

  • Stringent facilities
  • Drab and dreary atmosphere
  • Expensive

Despite all the facilities of staying in a nursing home, the aforementioned problems makes, most people shy away from this infrastructure until and unless it is completely necessary. Even if Medicare does pay the half of the total costs, and the insurance covering another fraction, the costs incurred are high and therefore individuals and families have to bear a greater financial responsibility.

These were some of the living facilities for the elderly that the market provides, however, for some, there may be more costs involved than previously anticipated. The Commonwealth care is one of the best home health care agencies independently proffers services based on the needs of the individual.  To choose the best, it is important to leverage both the pros and cons of these institutes and take informed decision from thereon.

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