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Pod Power – Power Ball Foot Trainer


Given the overwhelming results seen, with the use of Power Ball , for arm training, conditioning and rehabilitation you can see now how the same principle of exercise can be used so effectively in training your feet and legs. The Pod Power enables a Power ball to be attached to, for example, your foot. This makes it possible to use the Power Ball’s gyroscopic forces to train all the muscles of your feet and legs.Simply start your Power ball and place it in the Foot Trainer for an amazing workout on your feet, ankles and legs. It is a great training/rehabilitation device for footballers or for people who have broken ankles in the past.Unleash the might of Power Ball on your legs! What’s in the box:Pod Power – Power Ball Foot TrainerSpecifications:Brand: Power Ball Colour: Blue An amazing workout on your feet, ankles and legs Fits any type of Power Ball Power ball Power Ball not included A Word from the Manufacturer:As a small but innovative company, we are 100% customer driven and focus greatly on the feedback you provide to us on a day to day basis. In addition, we are constantly refining and re-engineering this unique and exciting instrument to keep it at the very top of its marketplace in terms of quality and sheer performance – in this regard, your comments and thoughts are always welcomed and greatly appreciated.

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