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Nautilus NS4000 Multi-Gym

A multi-press station for chest press, incline press, shoulder pressand seated row exercises. The leg press and abdominal crunch station provides up to 180 kg ofresistance A fully adjustable Pec Dec and rear deltoid station allows you to switch exercises using one simple pull knob. At a starting weight of only 2.2 kg. and a max weight of 90 kg per handle, this station is not only perfect for beginners or rehabilitation environments, but it is also perfect for the serious fitness professional. A unique leg curl and leg extension station that can be switched from one exercise to the next using one simple lever. User instructions printed on multigym Work out all the major muscle groups on one machine Please note delivery of Nautilus equipment too Ireland is not free! Please call for a delivery quote Please scroll down to read “Our Opinion” of the Nautilus NS4000 Multi-Gym.

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