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When dentist suggests the root canal treatment to their patients, they usually grit their teeth in tension and fear. Have you ever thought about the reason of this fear? Mostly people think that root canal treatment will cause them dreadful pain. And it was true to some extent, but in recent times, with the development of dentistry and its technologies, root canalling processes have greatly changed.


This article will help the readers to know the important facts and clear all the misconceptions regarding the root canalling treatment.


Myth # 1- The root canal treatment hurts a lot:


Truth: Root canalling  does not cause pain.


The root canal procedure is not painful at all, in fact, it is carried out to treat the inflammation in pulp chamber or a dental infection causing pain. In actuality it was a valid myth that this process did cause pain for a certain period of time when there was no such advancement  to ease the ache; with the modern anesthetic techniques, the procedure does not cause much pain at all than doing a filling.


If root canal seems very difficult to treat, then you may consult an endodontist, who basically specializes in root canals.


Myth # 2- the root canal causes poor health:


Truth: Root canal treatment has nothing to do with the occurrence of any disease or illness in the body.


According to some poorly designed researches, the endodontic treatment or root canalling is a cause of illness in the body and the reason is the bacteria found in the root canal. But according to the other valid researches, bacteria are present every time in the mouth, even if one has never suffered from any cavity or trauma. Besides this, endodontic treatment is performed to remove the bacteria that caused infection in the root canal and to prevent it from reoccurring.


Myth # 3- Tooth extraction is a better substitute than the root canalling:


Truth: Natural is better! It’s better to hang on to your natural tooth than getting it replaced by the artificial one.


Dental implants are very common now a days, besides their high success rate, patients should hang onto your natural tooth, if possible. An implanted tooth may cause the patients keep away from certain foods and may cause nutrient imbalance. Your own teeth enable  you to continue enjoying a wide variety of foodstuffs.


Root canal treatment is comparatively less expensive and less time-consuming than the tooth extraction.


Myth # 4- Root canal process requires several appointments:


Truth: If the tooth infection is not severe then the process takes several hours.


This myth is partially true because the whole treatment may require a number of appointments, if the condition of the tooth is quite severe. The number of appointments depends on the extent of infection and canals of the infected tooth. In cases where there is no complication or infection, the whole process is carried out in a single appointment.


These were the misconceptions regarding root canal treatment that must be clarified. Before scheduling an appointment for root canalling, you must ask the following questions from your Polish Dentist or  endodontist.


  1. How much will the process cost you?
  2. What sort of procedure will he/she follow? Will it hurt?
  3. Whether the tools are well sterilized or not?
  4. Is there any better alternative of root canalling (except tooth extraction)?


It’s always better to know such things before starting any treatment. Check out Root Canals in Morristown for questions about the procedure. Moreover, you should prefer the best dentist for your root canal even if the visit fees are more expensive than the regular ones.


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