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Monitor Your Heart Rate With These Three Apps

With so many unhealthy influences in our modern lives, more and more people are trying to be proactive about their overall health. One area in which this could not be more important is the heart – more cardiovascular diseases have emerged as a result of evolving human lifestyles and cardiovascular disease has now become the number one cause of illness in many countries throughout the world. In the past, this was not as common but also far less treatable and understandable. These days, however, we have a variety of technological advancements at our disposal to help us gain greater insight into our heart’s health. One of the most basic ways that this can be measured is through the periodic measurement of your heart rate. Below, we will discuss three heart rate applications for mobile devices and how each can provide added benefit to any heart healthy regimen.


In years past, whenever an accurate heart rate measurement was needed, you either had to visit a physician or have in your possession expensive, stand-alone equipment. Thankfully, it is now possible to utilize an existing tool – in this case, your smartphone – to determine the same information. The Cardiograph app for Android and iOS devices is a comprehensive tool that can measure your heart rate via the built-in phone camera and your finger. Results are automatically recorded and can be charted to better understand the natural rhythm of your heart and when to be suspicious of elevated heart rates. If you have one than more person who would like to keep track of their heart rate, Cardiograph also offers multiple profiles that can be switched in between with ease. Currently available for free, Cardiograph may help you be proactive in the battle against heart disease.

Instant Heart Rate – Pro

Currently available for download from the Android Marketplace for just $1.99, the Instant Heart Rate – Pro app is a valuable addition to any heart health regimen. With no need for complicated external hardware, this app will work with any smartphone’s camera to measure the pulse in your finger in just a few seconds. Users will be able to see where their heart rates stand against what is healthy and what is average, and results are automatically stored to the application for later review and comparison. With a streamlined design, attractive digital meter and tips for better living, the Instant Heart Rate – Pro application can be helpful and is a great buy in more than one way.

Heart Beat Rate

Last but not least, the Heart Beat Rate app for Android devices is a powerful way to learn more about your natural heart rate without any need for an expensive external unit. Users can measure their pulses with any Android smartphone that has a camera and will then be able to analyze the results to see how they compare against others. In addition to this, you can see how your heart rate stacks up against the healthy norm for someone of your age and gender. If you have been in doubt about your heart’s health and want to find a free way to keep track of your heart rate, then the Heart Beat Rate app can be a smart download for you.

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