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Hey everyone, Yuri Elkaim here, welcome to episode 8 of ask Yuri. Balancing cardio and weight training is the going to be the task for today , this is a very very parking lot interrogation that lot of large number come up with and today’s question is from Truda C Hale Hendro, I hope this is the way how it is pronounced, they have found many. I am just briefing his question, Yuri I have seen your videos and I thought of some asking you for the advice of losing preemptive weight, I am 23 year male whose has some major goals. Now I am schema down with 20 pounds with also a eminent deal with tore muscle. Every other week I focus on either cardio or weight breeding.

I am being very much confident for last 2 months for taking any challenge and doing much better everyday by following your advice of doing work for 20 seconds and rest for 40 seconds during my cardio weeks . But the efficiency of mine is not getting increased even after following it so sincerely . My constraints are appearing so much potential on one and not so much on the other and getting weak. Its getting things mess up. Is this the productive plan to grip my goals , so friends he gives a couple of examples, week 1 he does detachments from Monday to Friday, week 2 he does full body workout from Monday to Friday, week 3 he does intervals from Monday to Friday and so on and so forth.

Ya, so that’s what he can do, his one way is the best he continue doing what he is doing. If you do one week of just cardio 3 days week interval, the next week he is doing only Strength training 3 days a week. Sometimes he is doing soul? muscle groups in a routines 5 times a week, then its alternate one day cardio and one day strength training . Is this the best way to lose weights against strength and to make believe muscle ? You know, it is tough, I mean there is no, again I mean there is no “weight weight”, that is not the impairment way but that is not really really the right way to do workout. I mean I am sure that you can do one week of cardio and one week of muscle building, one week of cardio and one week of muscle building, you need to ask yourself what is the goal .

I don’t, I personally don’t think that is going to lead to the results that you want to get. The conclude for that is because; you check your week off doing for some strength muscle build, alright. Then doing, in the working week, you are doing one week of cardio which basically destroys strength and eats away your muscles. That’s that the one way that cardio negatively impacts the strength and muscle gains. Fortunately the strength and muscles gains does not really negatively impacts your cardio improvements other than the fact that taking up some other time, similarly to the Fitter U fitness program.

So what I personally advice is cool thing just about this is he has bit of right which is next, which is not doing the same thing week in and week out as he has shown me some examples of some stuff he is doing is different every other week, which is good, that’s a good thing. But again I still presuppose, he should be doing both at the same time. Again lesser professional athlete training for some specific events, you need to pre study your workout, friends some of the examples about, something I do with my soccer team. Men soccer is a very challenging sport to train for because it needs everything need running endurance all with the power and strength. That’s two are totally out of the lenses of spectrum. Have you trained both at the same time, you don’t. For us we have an ultimatum of our four years of work and planner goes on.

So for something like in off season we spend four months building strength and working into building power into towards the strength. The key is that, the guys has to make 10 laps by doing your one, by doing these 2 or 3 those full body strength power workouts every week, even if you are conk outed to blow in our interval running training closer to the season, because if they stop, they are going to lose all that strength pretty much in the couple of weeks, no problem. But again we do not focus on running right from the start, we focus on building strength that’s the way that I have approached it and then we focus on long more on the running games specific type stuff as we get into the pre season and towards the season.

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