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LA Muscle Explosive Creatine


LA Muscle Explosive Creatine: Pure creatine monohydrate: Explosive Creatine contains 100% pure Creatine Monohydrate – Now super-micronised for even quicker dissolving and delivery. You get dextrose, which is the cause of the essential insulin spike. This insulin spike is the first trigger which shuttles Creatine into your muscles. Taurine: Explosive Creatine contains Taurine which is a powerful insulin mimicker. You then get L-Arginine, the most effective of the Creatine precursors. To take a super supplement to even more advanced levels, you also get Sodium & Potassium Phosphates. This means that you get the most effective uptake agents in the world in one supplement, guaranteed to work. Fruit punch flavour: Explosive Creatine is fruit punch flavoured. This flavour is the best tasting Creatine formula you will ever try! It has been specially developed and leaves no after tastes which you might get with cheaper formulas. The formula in Explosive Creatine is a precise combination which has been scientifically developed. Many competitors have tried to copy this formula, but none have come anywhere close to the results Explosive Creatine gives you. One of the world

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