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Is Lap Band Surgery Good For Severe Asthmatics?

The rapid increase in obesity across the country has resulted in a number of serious health problems. Many of these health problems can deteriorate a person\’s quality of life and even shorten a person\’s life. One such health condition that is made worse when obese is asthma. Studies are now showing that there is a link between asthma and morbid obesity. For people who are suffering from severe obesity, lap band surgery has been shown to be an effective method of weight loss that reduces instances of severe asthma attacks.

Obesity has been proven to be a risk factor for such diseases as heart disease, some types of cancer, and diabetes. Now, research studies are revealing that obesity is a risk factor for asthma. For instance, studies now show the risk for developing asthma increases when there is a large increase in weight. When a person is seriously overweight, their breathing becomes shallow because their lungs do not expand as much as it would if one were a normal healthy weight. As well, in obese individuals, there is a chronic inflammation of the lungs which reduces the airway passage. The inflammation takes place in the fatty tissue. A narrower airway passage also means the airways will remain blocked when breathing normally which reduces oxygen exchange. The airways will contract more causing more asthma symptoms. Narrow airways in obese asthmatics are more likely to stay closed during normal breathing which results in reduced oxygen exchange which puts one in a higher risk category for pulmonary hypertension. As well, obese people are more prone to sleep apnea and gastroesophageal reflux disease which can make asthma worse.

When a person suffers from obesity, they tend to have more severe asthma problems than those who are not obese. With a weight loss surgery such as lap band surgery, there can be considerable improvement for people suffering from asthma. With the loss of the excess fat, lung function will improve, inflammation will subside, the air passages will open up, and people will breathe better. As well, they will need less medication and there will be fewer trips to the hospital due to a severe asthma attack.

Lap band surgery has become a popular weight loss procedure to treat obesity because it is minimally invasive with few side effects. As well as having proven positive health results, the procedure normally takes less than an hour and the patient recovery time is short with most patients going home just a few hours after the procedure. It is also the only reversible option and post operative lap band adjustments are made without additional surgery.

During home recovery, the patient will have simple diet to follow as they learn how to eat healthy and the correct amounts of food. Lap band surgery is a great option for those suffering from obesity and serious health problems such as asthma. When considering any type of surgery, it is important to consult with a physician to learn about the benefits and risks involved with the procedure.

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