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5 Important Tips on How to Avoid Vaginal Infections

Taking care of oneself is a must for every woman and one of the most important aspects of being a lady is on how you take good care of your womanhood.   Your vaginal health should be on top of your priorities especially if you plan on bearing children in the future.  Unfortunately, there are still lots of women, especially the young ones who take for granted the necessity of taking care of their vagina.

As a woman you should always remember that not paying attention to vaginal hygiene can lead to various vaginal infections.  And, these infections can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease which in many cases could mean you are no longer able to conceive children.  Aside from the possibility of being unable to bear children in the future, having vaginal infection can also cause complications in your personal and social life.

Vaginal infections have various causes but it is better to prevent them before they can occur.  Below are some of the most important tips on how to avoid them to keep your vagina healthy and bad bacteria free.

Avoid using petroleum jelly or oils for vaginal lubrication – Though you often heard of petroleum jelly being used as a vaginal lubricant, you should avoid using it for your own good.  It creates a breeding ground for bad bacteria to grow and could become one of the causes of vaginal infection.

Keep a constant watch of your vaginal discharge – The color and smell of your vaginal discharge can help you determine if you are having an infection or not.  A discharge with no odor and clear or milky in appearance is normal.  A change of color or if there is a presence of blood in your discharge though you are not having a menstrual period may suggest that there is a problem.  You should visit your OB for a checkup.

Don’t wash the inside of your vagina – Douching is not recommended as part of vaginal health routine. Washing the inside of your vagina with feminine wash or other douching products can cause irritation which may lead to vaginal infection.  It is more recommended to just wash the outer part of your vagina since the inner part is frequently cleaned by its discharge.

Don’t scratch if you feel itchy down there – Most often, when you experienced some itchiness down there, your instant reaction is to scratch it.   You should avoid scratching any part of your vagina to avoid triggering any type of infection.  If you feel itchy, wash it with water to relieve the itchiness.

Keep your vagina clean by taking a bath every day – Taking a bath daily is the easiest way of keeping your vagina clean and healthy.  Just avoid using scented soaps and feminine wash that have harsh chemicals as these products usually cause irritation.   Baby soaps are more recommended because they are suited for sensitive skin.

Edith Gordon is a freelance writer and a health blogger.  She’s currently doing some online research about vaginal mesh implant and related topics.  She can be reached through twitter @edithgordon.

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