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How do I find a lot of people that are interested in making $ from home or healthy living leads?

I am trying to find a bunch of people to check out my healthy living products. They help with everything from diabetes-gastric bypass patients-obesity-thyroid disease-heart disease-osteoporosis-skin problems & so much more (as seen on numerous infomercials)!! Even mineral make-up..the best might I add!! I am just trying to find a good way to get the word out to at least look over my wesite. I heard of free lead companies but when I google it they all have a catch!! I just want to bring awarness!! Please list some proven ideas as I am selling proven products & business opportunities!! www (my email)
THANKS in advance!

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  1. Childabuseiswrong says:

    2 things you will face with this.
    People dont care and People don’t believe you.

    So with that as a starting point here is a link to a free ebook. You are welcome to read it It will let you know some of the things in direct marketing that is just plain not true. It will also help start you on the road of advertising in a way that people will pay attension.

  2. kitt e says:

    Advertise your business on free classifieds, relevant forums and social networking websites. Monitor the response you get periodically to find out what works best. From

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