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Be Your Own Physio With Home Remedies For Relieving A Bad Back

Anybody that suffers from back pain will know just what a blight it is on everyday life. The simplest task becomes a huge struggle, and the pain and tension turns the happiest person into a grumpy bear. If you have back pain then you need to consult with your doctor, who will more than likely recommend you see a physiotherapist, or perhaps a chiropractor or an osteopath. However, there are things you can do in conjunction with this treatment to relieve the pain and prevent it from getting any worse. Here they are:

Cold Compress and Heat Patches

Cold compresses sooth inflamed muscles by reducing swelling. Target the area with a proper cold compress, or if you don’t have one of those then use a bag of frozen peas wrapped up in a tea towel. Put it straight onto the affected area and leave it on for ten minute periods, several times throughout the day. Don’t use heat treatments straight away – this can make the inflammation worse – but after a few days when the initial swelling has gone down then start alternating between cold compresses and deep heat (or a hot water bottle).

Over-The-Counter Pain Relief

If your pain is acute then you might like to use a strong paracetamol, but if it’s not a raging pain then the best thing to use is ibuprofen. This acts as a pain reliever but it also takes down swelling and inflammation; meaning you’re not just blocking out the pain, you’re dealing with it. Always take them after a meal otherwise you may feel a bit sick, and never exceed the stated dose. You can get ibuprofen in a gel too if you’d rather apply it directly to the affected area.

Gentle Exercise

Obviously if you are in a lot of pain then exercise is not a good idea, but if it is just to relieve general stiffness then it can really help. Cycling, walking and swimming can really help loosen up stiff muscles and joints, and the endorphins that you will release as a result are great for combating pain and cheering you up. Try half an hour of gentle exercise once a day – you’ll get great results and feel much better. Stretching exercises such as yoga and Pilates are a great idea too – they will strengthen your core muscles and really relieve tension and stress.

A Brand New Mattress

Often people don’t realise that their mattress can have a very positive, or detrimental, effect on their back. If you think yours could do with an upgrade then go for an orthopaedic one – you’ll have to pay a lot but it is money well spent. Try out plenty of different types before you commit to one. Once you have your new mattress installed you’ll have a far better sleep, and you will wake up feeling less achy and tense.

Your doctor and physiotherapist know best when it comes to your back, but there is plenty you can do to aid the healing process. Always tell them what you are doing, and take their advice. Between you, you can make back pain a thing of the past!

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