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What To Do About Gout

For some, what to do about gout is a complete mystery.

Low Purine DietAll too often, we are lead to believe that all that can be done to escape the torture of gout is give into pharmaceutical drugs. Certainly when the pain of a gout attack has brought you to the brink of suicide, gout drugs can and should be taken advantage of.

Once the agonizing misery of an attack has been laid to rest, it’s easier and wiser to implement common sense tactics to prevent future episodes of gout. A low purine diet is one of the most well-known and best places to start, but there are other considerations that need to used as well. In addition to healthy eating, proper breathing and adequate hydration are essential to optimal cellular health and assisting the kidneys to manage and maintain correct pH of the body chemistry.

Alkalizing . . . is what to do about gout . . .

In order of importance, the human body depends first on oxygen for fuel, then water, then food. To illustrate, here it is broken down:

  1. Air – when blood oxygen saturation drops too low, the blood can become acidic with uric acid. Taking the initiative to learn to breathe completely and fully, with a high degree of consistency throughout the course of every day, is a critical component of effective gout treatment.
  2. Water – it is estimated that 75 – 80% of the people in most populations around the world are dehydrated. The daily requirement of water is half your body weight in ounces per day. Filtered tap water is preferable over bottled waters and ionized alkaline water is the very best. Using water to continuously remove the acidic waste build up from the organs and tissues is essential for properly treating gout.
  3. Food – eating a diet that consists largely of fresh, organically grown fruits and vegetables provides antioxidant protection to the cells to allow the greatest exchange of fuels and nutrients into the cells and acidic waste by-products back out of the cells. The balance of alkaline-forming foods and acid-forming foods is 80/20 – 80% fruits and vegetables, 20% meats, proteins, and grains.

Learning what to do about gout is not that difficult.

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