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Gout and its Symptoms

You may have heard someone use the medical term gout. In recent times, it has been more commonly noted, and perhaps you, or someone you know – even a family member – may have developed gout symptoms.

In the past, gout was referred to by names such as the “rich man’s disease.” Yet it seems to be more prevalent nowadays, not only affecting those who have far more materially than most others do. Why is this so?

One of the suspected reasons is that we’ve changed our diet. Whereas in the past, many people could not afford things like juicy steaks, many of us in Western countries can now do so, even if we aren’t considered rich in relative standards.

In line with this, meat as well as seafood both seem to increase the risk of developing gout. Alcohol consumption also seems to do this. Having drinks that have been given their sweetness by way of fructose is another supposed risk factor. Doesn’t it seem like many Western diets are rich in these sorts of foods and drinks?

Gout SymptomsIn terms of diet, though, there are some choices which are actually thought to be beneficial in terms of reducing the incidence of gout. Obtaining significant amounts of vitamin C in one’s diet is one such measure. That means citrus fruit like grapefruit and oranges may be particularly useful. Coffee is another item on the menu for protection against the development of this medical condition. Of course, as with all the details here, talk with your doctor for actual medical advice.

You may have heard that foods rich in purines are thought to contribute to gout. As it turns out, studies that have been done lately seem to show that not all such foods do so. For instance, lentils, which are high in purines, are not thought to assist in causing this condition. That means a delicious, warm bowl of lentil soup on a winter evening is welcome. The same can be said for spinach. It seems that animal-based purines are more of a contributor, while those from plants do not increase the risk. As it is, dairy products (therefore from animals, but not meat-based) are actually considered among items that reduce incidence!

Are there any things aside from diet that are thought to be potentially connected to this disease? Yes. For instance, in the majority of cases, metabolic syndrome is also seen. There is also an association with particular medications, including diuretics, and others. Genetic factors are also thought to be involved in some instances of this illness. Of course, these are not all of the reasons why this disease can appear.

So, how would one know if he had this illness? Of course, a definitive professional diagnosis comes from someone with proper qualifications (such as a doctor). However, certain gout symptoms might lead a person to think that he may have this condition. Attacks of this disease typically show up by way of a joint that is swollen, painful, and red. Another symptom is that the joint feels hot.

Various joints can be affected. In many cases, it is the big toe. When this occurs, the situation is known medically as podagra. Aside from the joints in particular, gout symptoms can also involve items such as exhaustion and a fever.

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