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A Glance at the Modern Rice Cooker

In the past, electric rice cookers consisted of a simple one-lever appliance that would bring water to a high boil inside of a metal bowl that cooked rice the same way, (and to the same quality standards) folks would achieve by preparing on a stove.

But nowadays rice cookers have taking a leap forward into the computerized world with a special rice cooking & monitoring technology called “Fuzzy Logic”. Not only are the days of under or overcooked rice a bad memory, but there are also other benefits to be obtained by owning a more modern rice cooker as well.

Superior Rice Texture & Quality

Another benefit from owning a Fuzzy Logic rice cooker is that folks will experience very good rice quality, especially with the challenging brown rice type!

Cooking rice with Fuzzy Logic in your corner means that there is almost zero guess work involved as the cooker will automatically adjust cooking time and temperature when preparing the selected variety. Since the appliance actually “thinks” for itself, the final results are fantastic with restaurant quality rice batches each and every time.

There is also a pre-programmed soaking time and keep warm mode with such cookers.

Multiple Rice Settings

modern rice cookerAboard many Fuzzy Logic cookers come a variety of rice grain selections.

Along with white rice, folks may be offered selections of brown rice, sushi rice, mixed rice, risotto rice, sprouted brown, and sweet rice. Each selected variety has its own specific cooking time and programmed monitoring setting ensuring a perfect batch!

For white rice, some models even offer folks to choose a desired rice texture; soft, regular, or firm.

For grain types not offered such as jasmine or basmati rice, there may be a slight learning curve for obtaining desired texture.

Steaming and Slow Cooking Features

Other plus benefits of owning a modern rice cooker is that the user is not limited to just making rice.

Some Zojirushi, Sanyo, Panasonic, Tiger, and Aroma brands offer folks an all-in-one cooking machine that can also double as a slow cooker along with options for steaming vegetables, eggs, poultry, or seafood.

Some units also allow bread and cake baking, soup features, and porridge settings.
These additional convenient benefits and features are great to have and will justify both the cost and counter space the cooker will take up.

Other reasons folks are choosing newer rice cookers is that they also offer other benefits such as non-stick serving and cleaning, timer options, great keep warm modes, and stylish designs that fits most kitchen decors quite nicely.
With so many electric rice cookers on the market, ranging from 3 cups to 10 cups, there will surely be a cooker that fits the needs of your household!

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