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Foot Pain Prevention and Treatment Tips

Foot pain is one of the most common disorders that anyone can have. A normal day of walking can put great pressure, stresses and impact on our feet. This is why our feet were designed to be lighter that some of our body parts. Foot pain and foot injuries do not happen to athletes only. Everyday activities, repetitive movements, overuse, wrong pair of shoe, foot defect, a wrong gait, a wrong landing from a jump or accidents are some of the causes of foot pains. Foot pain is not normal and yet some people tend to ignore it. Some podiatrist state that there are some age related changes in our feet more likely but painful feet is not parallel with age.
Here are some steps that you can take to prevent and treat foot pain:

Use and wear supportive shoes

You r preferred podiatrist can recommend the right kind or type of shoe that suits your lifestyle or needs. The right shoe should be comfortable and have enough space to wiggle your toes. Choosing the right shoe size will prevent any friction against your skin and help pin preventing corns and blisters. The shoes should also provide maximum support with plenty of padding to reduce the pressure exerted on your feet when walking and running. Any worn out shoe will provide adequate support and comfort so replace them immediately.

Give your feet some freedom

If possible, try to go barefoot occasionally or wear open ended sandals when the situation calls for it. This will help your feet from getting smelly, sweat and give some air. Walking barefoot will stimulate the nerve endings under your feet and will help with blood circulation and relaxation. Go barefoot where you know that there are sharp or hard objects that can injure your feet. Avoid going barefoot when the ground or pavement is too hot. People suffering from diabetes should avoid walking barefoot to avoid any injuries that can lead to gangrene and eventual amputation.

Take advantage of orthotics

Consult your podiatrist about orthotic inserts. There are orthotics that can be bought over the counter but custom made inserts can correct specific foot problems that you have. Orthotics provide additional shock absorption that reduces the risk of fractures and sprains. It will also correct the body alignment and address issues regarding flat or high arches.

Do Some Foot Stretching

Stretch your muscles before and after exercise. Your preferred podiatrist can show and recommend some stretches to prevent injury or pain recurrence. If you have heel pain, heel cord stretches can do good for you. Make use of therapeutics foot gadgets to stretch the feet.

Avoid wearing too high high heels

This is a no brainer. A woman’s feet and legs will surely look good on a nicely made high heels but wearing it too long is a complete torture. A three inch heel puts 7 times the pressure of your body weight to the ball of your feet. Plus the toes are not properly aligned and provides inadequate support for your body. A woman can get sprained, misaligned toes and hairline fractures.

Exercise on an even surface

This will reduce the risk of an ankle sprain which can occur if you accidentally twist your foot. Plan an exercise routine that increases the intensity and to a pace you are comfortable with.

Don’t take your feet for granted. They offer you mobility and beauty at the same time. Take care of them just how you take care of your whole body. Without your feet, you can go nowhere.

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