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Flower Essences – Vital Part of Herbal Therapy?

Flower essences are remedies that work on the emotional, psychological states and vibrational energy of the soul instead of the actual disease or illness. Some herbalists will argue that essences are not herbs because they do not contain any definable plant material. In my opinion they are a vital part of herbal therapy because they do contain the life force and energy of the flower.

The mind is a powerful thing. Many believe there is a link between the mind, soul and the body, that negative states of mind can aggravate or even cause illness or disease. For example, you may know of someone who exhibited symptoms or even became ill during or after a bout of stress, depression or held in anger. Have you ever watched someone dwell negatively on a minor illness so much that it spiraled into a chain reaction of other more severe symptoms? Or how about someone who believes so strongly that they have run into a string a bad luck or bad things, that they actually attract more and just can not see anything positive? These are the types of emotional states that flower essences target. Vibrational energy is in and all around us. Vibrations from other objects and living things effect us even when we do not realize it.

My best example here would be the ocean. It can give off the extremes of vibrational energy from calming and relaxing while it is quite with waves just rolling in, to the dynamic energy of high surf and pounding waves. Personally, I have spent much of my life around various ocean bodies and they can affect one profoundly depending on the conditions of the ocean. Another example would be a close family pet. Pet owners have witnessed many times how certain “vibes” in a household, can affect their pet.  Pets seem to sense, notice and react to what’s going on in the household. Animals very receptive to flower essence therapy.

What are flower essences?

Flower essencesFlower essences have been used throughout history as far back as the Egyptians, maybe even further. It was Dr. Edward Bach who re-opened this theory in the 1930’s. Today there are many case studies that are quite inspiring and promising. They are with the flowers of the plant. The flowers should come from a plant that have been grown organically which are strong and vibrant. When essences are made, they should be made with the “right frame of mind” so they are not tainted with negative vibrational energies. The essences contain only trace elements if any plant matter at all but do contain the imprint and energy pattern of the flower releasing the life force energy of the flower at the time of bloom.

How are flower essences used?

Flower essences are typically used by directly consuming the liquid or adding it to water or a pets food. They can also be applied topically either full strength or mixed into creams, oils, soaps, sprays or added to bath water. Many holistic practitioners are adding them to their aroma, massage, acupuncture, acupressure and touch therapies.

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