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It is vital to balance the seven spiritual centers, or chakras, that reside in the body for your overall mental, physical, and spiritual well being. People who have these seven energy points in alignment are usually happy, healthy, and emotionally well balanced.  You can achieve this yourself by knowing what each chakra controls and getting them to work in harmony with one another.

What I have learned by study is that I am healthier and happier now that I have began to work on balancing my own chakras. Balancing your chakras can be done a number of ways, and it an ages old practice.  Each chakra working in balance keeps the various types of energy flowing through your life functioning as it should When these work in harmony then life is better, we are happier and healthier.

true balance by sonia choquetteThe Root Chakra is visualized as red. Instinct, security, survival and basic fertility are all governed by this Chakra.  When this is out of balance we may experience sexual, lust, or obsession issues.  When balanced our sexuality, stability, and sense of security flows gently from us. The Orange Sacral Chakra governs relationships, reproduction, and other related things.  When it is out of balance we experience violent tenancies, addictions, and are governed by base emotions. When balanced it aids in successful reproduction, lends to creativity, produces joy and enthusiasm.

Solar Plexus Chakra is seen as yellow. It governs metabolism and digestion. When out of balance we experience issues with personal power, fear, anxiety, and assertiveness. When balanced our digestion is improved, our sense of personal ability is enhanced, we are open to growth of all kinds. The Heart Chakra is green. It governs the immune system and our ability to be compassionate.  Out of balance we may feel ill, experience rejection or act cold toward others.  Balanced our ability to love unconditional opens up and we have better health overall.

The Throat Chakra is pale blue or aqua in color. It governs communication and growth through expression. When it is out of balance we experience dependence, blocked communication, and insecurity.  When brought into balance a sense of independence is fostered, we become active in communication and expression, and feel secure within our ability. The Brow Chakra is deep blue and related to the third eye.  It is key in balancing the the physical and spiritual sides of being.  It governs intuition.  Out of balance we experience trouble sleeping, cloudy intuition, and imbalance between the spiritual and physical sides of our lives.  Balanced we regain intuitive clarity, better sleep, and a sense of connection to the spiritual side of ourselves.

The Crown Chakra is purple or white. When we seek pure thought it is this chakra we tap into.  When in balance this chakra opens us up to the release of Karma, connects us to universal consciousness and makes us one with all things.  Only through meditation and insight can this be brought into alignment. This is why we need to balance our chakra for our own personal health and happiness.


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