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Family Fitness and Health Monitor


GET FIT AND STAY FIT! Measurement of body fat composition is the key to long-term exercise success. The Family Fitness and Health Monitor is an unexpensive and easy way to measure body fat in the privacy of your own home. As well as body weight the level of fat inside the body is also an important indicator of physical fitness and health. By monitoring your levels of body fat on a regular basis you can assess whether your exercise regime or diet is actually working. Muscle is heavier than fat and it’s not unusual to gain a few pounds when you start to exercise regularly but your body fat levels will tell the true story. Similarly, dieting can cause you to lose weight because you’re not carrying as much water but that’s not the same as losing body fat which is the real goal. The inexpensive Family Fitness and Health Monitor is simple to use and once you’ve started to monitor your body fat levels it acts as a serious motivator to get fit and stay fit. The Family Fitness and Health Monitor works by conducting weak electrical signals into your body. The system measures the resistance to these signals. The more muscle a person has the higher the water content in their body and the less resistance the current meets. More fat means less water and increased resistance to the signals. Simply enter individual data about your sex, age, weight and height and the integrated computer will calculate your body fat as a percentage. Good for the whole family with a memory to keep data for up to 10 people. Don’t forget: Total fitness starts at home! Take a look at our family friendly price. Now everybody can afford to fight body fat! Features : Monitors the percentage of fat in your body Place thumbs on touch pad for a result in seconds 10 person memory Weight range 10 to 150 kg (20 to 300 lb) Age range 10 to 80 years Alarm clock and count-down features

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