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Why You Should Work Out With a Friend

If you are anything like me then you have tried creating dozens of workout programs, starting out with complete confidence and dedication in the plan.  By the time you actually get around to implementing your plan your enthusiasm has already waned and usually by the end of the first week you are dreading going back to the gym.  Why do we lose enthusiasm so fast and why do our work-out plans so often fail?  There can be a lot of reasons but one thing that remedies most of these problems is bringing a friend with you from the beginning.

 If, from the very start, you are making your work-out plans with a friend then your work-out plans can become far more successful.  One thing to count on when picking your friend is that your friend will become just as involved as you in the planning and you don’t have to drag them into working out from the get-go.  You need to pick a friend that isn’t in much better, or worse, shape than you are yourself.  Most importantly you want to pick a friend who will make you accountable.

Accountability is key in a work-out program.  People have many different methods in a work-out program.  Some people will pay a personal trainer, and therefore create accountability due to the amount of money they are paying them.  For most of us, hiring a personal trainer isn’t practical, mostly because of the cost.   So we instead find a good friend who will, like a personal trainer, make us keep our commitments, and expect us to do what we say.

Another benefit of bringing a friend is that you can create a healthy competition, even if you aren’t in similar shape.  If you are in similar shape you can compete to see who can lift a certain weight more, or to see who can hold a certain exercise the longest, and if you aren’t in similar shape you can compete for self improvement.  You can compete to see who can improve the amount of time they can run without stopping the most, the amount of calories you burn or any number of things.  The point is just that you have extra motivation to improve yourself.

The best thing a friend can do to help you with your work-out program is to make it fun.  I’m sure that if we all thought working out was fun we’d all do it.  The thing I think many people don’t realize is that working out really can be fun.  When you are able to hang out with your friends and improve yourself at the same time, it’s a complete win-win situation.  Working out gives you the opportunity to talk to your friends as much as you like, while also improving your physical fitness.  Finding a friend you enjoy talking to can make all the difference, but even if they’re not your favorite person ever, having a friend to work out with can really help you stay dedicated to your workout program/schedule.

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