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You may not be familiar with the term ‘energy therapy’, I am confident however that you would have heard of some of the complementary and alternative medicine practices that come under this umbrella term. Practices such as Reiki, Shamballa, and Qigong are included within this umbrella term. Energy healing is not to be mistaken for faith healing, the practicing of these disciplines is not conducted in a religious environment and having any faith at all is not a prerequisite of participation.


Reiki means ‘Mysterious Atmosphere’ in Japanese but is sometimes understood more as ‘Universal Energy’. It was developed in Japan back in 1922 by a Buddhist named Mikao Usui. The individual conducting Reiki uses their hands to administer Reiki to a patient through the palms of their hands through a process known as Ki (or Qi in Chinese). Ki literally means life-flow or energy-flow and direct translation is breath of life, air, or gas.

Reiki is based on Five Principles:

  1. Do Not Be Angry.
  2. Do Not Worry.
  3. Be Grateful.
  4. Work with diligence.
  5. Be kind to people.

It is thought that these principles signify the art of being truly happy and through practicing them they will cure all disease.

The West was first exposed to Reiki via Hawaii where the first clinics were set up by Hawayo Takata. The western version of Reiki has more emphasis on healing ailments and the use of chakras is more widespread. Chakras are thought to be wheel like energy spots located in certain areas of the body. Through the application of Ki, Reiki is said to allow self-healing and returns the body’s energy levels to a state of equilibrium, in turn helping to ward off or treat medical ailments. This is the purpose of most ‘energy healing’ practices.


Shamballa is a variant of Reiki. It’s often referred to as Shamballa Reiki or Shamballa Multi Dimensional Healing. The term ‘Shamballa’ originates from an ethereal place, thought to be located in the central Asian area. The city is inhabited by only enlightened individuals and it is said that it can only be reached if that individual has amassed enough positive karma.

The process of Shamballa Reiki is said to lock on to the energy of past enlightened masters and channel this through to another individual. It is thought that the effect of the energy on an individual can bring positive health and well being effects, much like traditional Usui Reiki.

Unlike traditional Reiki, the healing energy comes from what is considered to be a divine source. As a result the positive clearing and healing effects are considered to be greater than those of Usui Reiki. Another difference is that instead of using set hand positions that focus on Chakras to treat a client as in Reiki, in Shamballa Reiki the energy is considered to flow from the practitioner and will target exactly where needs to be treated to help and heal the client.

In recent years ‘Shamballa’ has become a widely recognised term within the fashion industry. Shamballa bracelets which in most cases contain semi-precious stones are a current must-have fashion accessory and can be seen on the wrists of many a celebrity. The semi-precious stones are said to have positive energy related effects on the individual wearing the bracelet. In some cases the bracelet is a symbolic gesture as a gift bringing with it a blessing of happiness and good health. In a variation of this trend you can purchase Rocks Shamballa Crystal watches. Rocks Shamballa Crystal watches are watches that incorporate a watch with Shamballa bracelet.

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