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Ease Your Tense Muscles With These Relaxing Massage Techniques

When most people think of massages, they think of spas that provide these services in order to help relieve stress and eliminate tension from the mind. But there’s a lot more to massage therapy than simply helping people de-stress. Therapeutic massage techniques are meant to help relieve common health ailments ranging from menstrual cramps to migraine headaches and back pain, which can all result from tense muscles.

Athletes and other active individuals often find that their muscles become very tense, despite moving around a lot, exercising, and performing plenty of stretches to stay limber. Many times, for these active people, it isn’t enough to try to keep the muscles loose on their own. Sometimes it’s necessary to see a professional masseuse who can utilize the right techniques to really melt away tense muscles and relax them at last, reducing pain and stiffness in the process.

Deep Tissue Massage

You may have heard of deep tissue massage, but you may not really understand what it’s all about. This common massage technique is often prescribed to people who suffer with painful and sore muscles, but the discomfort comes from deep within the muscles and other connective tissues, making it difficult for a standard massage to really provide much relief. If you suffer with chronic pain and stiffness in your neck, lower back, or shoulders, for example, a deep tissue massage would be necessary to really target the source of the problem.

During a deep tissue massage, a trained masseuse knows exactly how much pressure to apply to your muscles, and also knows how slow to go to really target the appropriate areas. Once the session is over, you should feel immediate relief.

Swedish Massage

Yet another famous massage technique that you’ve probably heard of at some point is the Swedish massage. During this session, a trained masseuse will use just the right tapping, kneading, and circular strokes that will really relax every part of your body. Focus is primarily given to sore joints and especially stiff muscles, though.

A Swedish massage is certainly not something that you can do at home because it involves a variety of different strokes. These include beating and chopping strokes, shaking strokes, friction strokes, and lifting strokes, to name a few. All of these are meant to get right into the muscles that are causing pain and stiffness and really loosen them up so that you can have your full range of motion and comfort back.

Sports Massage

Specifically designed for athletes who train hard every day, a sports massage is meant to help your body push waste products out after a hard event. This speeds recovery time and allows your muscles to loosen up for the next training session or competition.

With so many different massages to choose from, you can try a variety of options until you find the one that really works at easing your tense muscles. Whether you’re very athletic and active or your muscles just seem to tense up right away from sitting or standing for long periods of time at work, a massage can be the best way to get the relief you deserve.

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