The 3 Week Diet

Dump the dumb bells and start your fitness regime

Today all of us wish to sport a slim and trim figure. Be it man or woman, girl or boy fitness is uppermost on every body’s mind. To take advantage of this, fitness centers and gyms have mushroomed all around the world and has become a million dollar business. Yet some where along the way we’re losing out and not able to sport the figure we wish to and blame the trainers and dieticians for it. I would say that the fault lies within us and not anyone else.

Instead of following what your neighbor does have your own fitness regime and diet schedule. Don’t go in for the usual diets you read about online. Each one of us has a unique metabolism and so each of us should have a diet that suits us individually. Instead of spending money and going to a gym where you’re asked to pump iron, simply opt for exercises that will not only help you to shed weight but is also free. You don’t have to pay for it.

Jogging, running, biking and walking

fitness-regime-for-working-womenWalking is one of the best forms of exercise. Brisk walking in the morning and evening can help you to shed weight. It also helps in digestion and eliminates gas. Your thigh muscles are worked up and make you feel flexible and agile. If you like running or jogging that will make you feel all the more better. Get yourself a pair of running shoes and see the difference. Running or jogging in open air is good for the mind as well. It is wonderful de-stresser and relaxes the mind. I would say that some of my brilliant ideas come to me while I am running or jogging.

If you like biking then do so. Not only will you lose weight it’ll also help you to save on gas. Instead of taking out your car for shopping, bike to the store or mall. You’ll be doing a big favor to the environment as well as lose weight.

Avoid fats, sugar and starch

As for your diet, try to eat less of starch and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Slim slices of meat once a day is fine with your sandwich. Tuna fish and Tuna milk helps to keep the pounds in check. Avoid taking sugar or eating sweets. Drink herbal or green tea. This helps in weight loss. There are several ready made foods that are diet foods available in the market. Read the label carefully before you buy them.

Eating fresh home cooked food is always good. Try to make your own dinner. Throw away the fries packets; its snacks that add to your weight. Avoid eating fried stuff between meals. Instead snack on nuts, legumes and apples. Maybe you can squeeze a dash of lime and pepper over the nuts to give it a tangy taste.

Once in a week pamper yourself with a large meal. Throw away caution to the winds and eat to satisfy your taste buds. That is fine. But the next six days stick to your diet and see the difference. You’ll be the envy of one and all in your neighborhood and office as well.

Author Bio– Latasri is a health and fitness enthusiast who followed the above routine to lose weight. In her website she shares her weight loss secrets besides weight watchers coupons and Bistro md coupon code.

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