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Drinking tea in winter for health

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In winter, drinking tea is an enjoyable and health-keeping thing, which has a long history of Chinese tradition. Especially in winter, the atmosphere of drinking tea is stronger. Each kind of tea has its respective features, and different tastes have different effects on our body. Winter is a good season to drink tea, when there’s a lot of profit to the body, you know? Take a look at what kind of tea, that can help you be more healthy.

1?When thirsty, drink oolong tea

Oolong tea is semi-fermented tea, which is between green and black tea. On the taste, oolong tea has both the fragrance of green tea and natural fragrance of flowers, also the mellow taste of black tea. The feature is neither cold nor hot, warm moderate, hence it has the effect of embellishing skin, nourishing throat, preventing thirst, washing away from heat, which let the body adapt to the changes in the natural environment. As we all know, most days in winter, the indoor air is dry, and people are easily to feel thirsty, lips cracked, Why not have a cup of oolong tea, it can relieve drought. In addition, oolong tea is good for protein and fat decomposition, which can prevent liver fat accumulation. Besides, for fear of a winter sticking fat, oolong tea also has a certain effect on reducing weight.

2?When suffering from too much internal heat, drink green tea

Winter’s climate is dry, and people like to eat greasy and spicy food, so they easily become troubled by many healthy problems, and some bad effects are appearing, such as constipation, dry mouth, and even breath sores and other consequences, thus green tea can help relieve the symptoms. Green tea is not fermented tea, which is cold to relieve the heat, therefore it can solve the trouble of thirst quenching, help digesting, and accelerate the healing effect to the stomachache, and also reduce the blood fat and prevent hardening of the arteries.

3?To prevent flu, drink black tea

In winter, black tea is considered to be the top grade of tea. Since it contains abundant protein and sugar, with heat to warm belly, which can enhance the body’s ability to coldness, still it can help digest and have fat gone. In some places in China, some also have a habit of pouring sugar, milk, sesame into the black tea, so that it can get the stomach warm, as well as adding nutrition and strengthening physical health.

A study found that black tea can reduce the incidence of stroke and heart disease. Strokes and heart disease are the high incidences of disease in winter, so the old man who has a heart cerebrovascular disease often bubble a cup of black tea in winter, which not only can warm the body, but also play a role in disease prevention. In addition, it is necessary to use black tea as gargle commonly, or drink black tea as the role of prevention of influenza in winter. And black tea is also known to prevent osteoporosis, reduce the incidence of skin cancer, and this makes it a broader audience. Because of its weak irritation and the fermented character, black tea is especially suitable for someone who is weak in the stomach.

The expert reminds that when drinking black tea, the quantity better controlled in 3 to 5 g best, people must pay attention to hot drinks. If it is put a long time, the nutrition and taste will be discounted.

Maintain a fit and healthy body, and be keen about updating knowledge regarding the latest Green tea variety [/caption] available in the market.

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