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Do You Ever Wonder If You Have Gout?

There is nothing new about gout, it has been around for hundreds and probably thousands of year and has seen millions of people suffer with it. Gout is prevalent in some families, if your father or other male member of your family has gout then there is a chance that you to will develop it.

Your kidneys work very hard removing items from your body that can cause illness and even poison your body from the inside. If you don’t take care of your kidneys by doing things such as drinking 8 glasses of water a day to help flush toxins from your body then there is always the chance that they won’t be able to remove as much uric acid from your system as they should.

Having elevated levels of uric acid in your blood does not mean that you will automatically suffer with gout attacks. Hyperucemia (that’s the medical name for increased levels of uric acid in your blood) is something that if found may cause you to initially panic, but if you find out about it before you have any gout attacks then you are lucky. You can take steps to change your lifestyle and reduce the levels of uric acid.

Uric acid that isn’t cleaned out from your system will become crystals and these crystals move around your body until they stop somewhere. Uric acid crystals often stop in joints, in fact they most often stop in the joint of the big toe. The crystals cause inflammation when they are enveloped in white blood cells, this is part of your bodies defenses. While trying to protect your body, your white cells are actually helping to cause you the intense pain that is gout.

Gout usually attacks men over the age of 21, this may be partly due to the increased alcohol intake that starts after than age. Although middle age and later is when most men will start to suffer with gout, most likely due to the increase in obesity and the fact that people tend to stop watching what they eat after a certain age.

Elevated uric acid in your blood doesn’t automatically equal gout attacks, in fact Dr’s have not been able to link the two unequivocally, it is however definitely a warning point. If you have pains in your toe joints, inflammation and swelling and then a blood test finds elevated uric acid then it is safe to say that you probably have gout.

Ever wonder what the causes of gout? If you knew the causes are then you can do something to avoid them and prevent yourself suffering from gout or at least reduce the severity of your gout episodes.

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