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Davina McCall: My Three 30 Minute Workouts


Davina McCall takes you through the three 30 minute workouts that keep that Big Brother presenter’s figure slim and trim for the small screen! ; ; “Did you know that working out to your maximum capacity for just 30 minutes can be more effective than a full hour spent working less efficiently? ; ; With this in mind my trainers Jackie and Mark and I have created three complete new fitness sessions for my brand new DVD. We’ve made the most of every second of the workouts so that each workout only takes 30 minutes! That’s only an hour and a half of exercise a week – doesn’t sound too bad does it?! ; ; Pump: This works the muscles really well and includes small but intensive interval training sessions. ; ; Cardio Box: This is brilliant and loads of fun to do as it combines intensive fat burning exercise with some boxing moves. ; ; Core Stability: This is all about poise posture balance and can have a huge impact on your overall health and wellbeing. ; ; Being fit and healthy has given me more energy then I could have ever imagined and I honestly still believe that working out three times a week and eating three healthy meals a day is the best way to get fit and lose weight – it’s that simple! ; ; Plus as a special treat there is an option to shut me up and pump up the tunes – just choose the “Mostly Music” option at the start and crank it up! So go for it and make exercise part of your life. It’s done the trick for me!” – Davina

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