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How To Cure Stomach Cramps

There may be some time when you may cringe at some sudden and intense pain in the stomach. While you may think to be a far serious problem, the truth could be that it is merely a cramp in the stomach. Whiles these are harmless and mild, they can also be nuisance if they are not duly cured. Nine times out of ten, stomach cramps is the consequence of some digestive problem. This means that if you wish to know how to cure stomach cramps, you have to know how to solve your digestive woes and problems.

Here are some useful guidelines.

It is important for you to know the real area and nature of your stomach aches. You need to visit a doctor to see for sure if the stomach cramps are serious or not. If the cause is digestive in nature, then you need to take the appropriate medicine. On the other hand, if the pain is a muscle pain due to any exercise or strain, then you need to choose a different type of remedy to the problem. If the problem is far serious and severe, then you may have to undertake a surgery to get the problem cured at once.

Most of the stomach cramps, as said before, are purely due to digestion problems. There are a number of medicines that work well in reducing your cramps. Some of these medicines are pain-killers and some are effective antibiotics that kill the germs in the stomach. These medicines provide instant and long-lasting respite from the stomach cramps. However, some of these medicines may have some serious side effects on your digestion process. A better solution is to take in natural medicines that are derived from medicinal plants and ingredients known to cure stomach cramps naturally. Thus, medicines are a good remedy.


If you do not want to squander away money on medicines and tablets, it would be better to know some of the domestic and household remedies for stomach cramps. Fennel seeds with tea are a proven remedy for the problem of most stomach aches. Basil leaves with curds can also be effective in curing your intermittent stomach aches. Crushed ginger rubbed on the stomach as a paste will help to lessen the severity of the pains and cramps. Simple things like a juice of radishes or even the modest and congenial lemon juice will be very useful in curing the cramps to a great extent.

If you know how to cure stomach cramps, you should also know how to prevent them from occurring. This can be done by taking care and caution in eating food. If the problem is due to constipation, you need to drink more water regularly. This will help in removing your bowels and keeps your stomach healthy and clean. Also, after eating heavy and spicy dishes, you can cool it off before you experience any pain. You can have a glass of cold milk which immediately neutralizes the acidity in the stomach. Thus, these remedies will work as well.

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