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Ways to Curb Childhood Obesity

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Baby fat is something that your child will outgrow soon enough. But if it sticks well into adulthood then it is an entirely different story. Childhood obesity is no longer just a myth or an urban legend. It is real. Very, very real.The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention said that in just 30 years, the incidence of childhood obesity has tripled for children between 6 to 11 years old. The incidence of obesity among adolescent children has doubled. It is estimated that more than 25 million kids are overweight or obese. If you do not want your child to be added to these statistics then here are some of the ways you can fight and contribute to a healthier tomorrow for your child.

Push them to pick up a sport

Support your children if they favor a sport to excel in. Encourage them to play and never put pressure on them to perform. The goal is not to win a tournament but to develop a love for the sport. Children that are engaged in recreational activity and sports tend to do well inside the classroom. The bottom line here is that you need your child to be active and the medals and trophies are just bonuses.

Improve their self-confidence

Children tend to do better if they feel good about what they are doing. Tell them how great they are in helping grandma with her gardening chores. Give them some reward for walking the dog. Encourage them to have a paper route where they have to ride a bike and break some sweat. The encouragement makes the children feel loved and valuable. This will fuel their interest on being active longer and may extend up until they become adults.

Practice what you preach

If you ask a child to do something but you are unwilling to do it yourself is something that can lead to poor results. That is why it is important to practice what you preach. If you are encouraging kids to play less video game and infuse more activity during playtime you need to be active as well. You just cannot teach a child to be active if he sees you as a couch potato.

Resistance training

Slimmer is good but stronger is better. Strength training has more benefits than just making kids stronger. Resistance training decreases the body fat and converts it into lean muscle mass. This will result in better looking physique and improved performance. They may need this extra training if you are able to convince them to pick up a sport. The intelligent health choices that you teach the kids today will be the foundation that they will use tomorrow. Try to start with a less regimented approach to strength training. Start formal training as the kids get older and be able to stand up to regimented training later on.

Make them eat healthy

Proper nutrition is the cornerstone of being healthy. It does not only make the body healthy but the mind as well. Certain fruits and vegetables do not only provide the necessary nutrients but are also able to provide chemicals that can avert anxiety symptoms and even improve the quality of their sleep. It is best to allow easy access to healthy food around the house. Load up your pantry with healthy food choices instead of junk food that only provide loads of sugar and no real health benefits.

Let the kids play more

Parents blame the Internet and video games for making the youth of today too sedentary. Parents fail to realize that they have the obligation to encourage their kids to put down the electronics and go out and play recreational games or engage in sports. Kids need to have company to sustain their interest in physical play. Teach the kids old-school games like jump rope, capture the flag and other stuff that can make their heart rate increase. It may sound corny or appear silly but getting them to move more is the best way to burn calories and avert childhood obesity.
Childhood obesity has become a serious health problem in America.Curbing childhood obesity is not only a fight that parents need to do but for every one who understands the health issues involved.Teach them the value of being active by exercising regularly and immersing on an active lifestyle. This is important so that the kids will make informed choices even if there are no adults around.

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