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Chakra Energy Healing: Health and Well-Being

Schematic of yoga chakras.

Schematic of yoga chakras.

Chakra energy healing is comprised of many methods, but they all have the same goal in common, which is to improve the energy functions of the chakras and the synchronous flow of energy between them.  If the circulation of energy is unbalanced or restricted, many problems can come upon the body.  The state of the chakras can influence all of our organs.  Chakra teachings believe that behind every illness lies a problem with the level or flow of energy that leads to a disruption in the body’s natural balance.  To restore a natural and healthy balance to the chakras, the healing process must entail the alleviation of symptoms, an inner freeing, and a healthy development of the chakra energies.

When the energy transferred by the chakras does not flow freely, our spiritual growth is stalled; it burdens our spirits, our minds, and eventually our bodies.  Chakra energy healing is the process of correcting energetic defects in your energy centers; seeking to restore the flow of your energy to its strong, natural and healthy state and correct any defects that are present.

The chakras act as the main distribution centers for the body’s energetic system. They’re also intake/output centers. If they get blocked or bogged down, then all the systems that depend on the flow of energy provided by that chakra suffer. that vital component, the machine doesn’t work. The same goes for your energy system.

One thing to remember is that as we go through life, little things will get to us. Think of your past: You can remember a small, insignificant event from years ago that still gives you a small bit of pain. Hence, cleaning out the pain by working on your chakras makes sense. That is where chakra energy healing comes in.

When you start chakra energy healing, it’s important to remember that we’re dealing with your own physical body’s energy system. It is very resourceful and resistant.

If you would like to try a chakra energy healing exercise for practice, here is one:

  • Imagine a sphere of spinning, vibrant white light at the base of your spine. The light is intense and life-sustaining.
  • See it at your base chakra. As it spins, it clears away the sludge, junk and debris that collect each day. The chakra begins to spin and it takes on a life of its own.
  • Once the sludge is gone and the chakra spins freely, move the sphere of light up to the next chakra and repeat the process until you finish with the crown chakra.
  • After this, have a small snack or perform some other grounding activity. Also, as with any energy work, be sure to drink lots of water to replenish your body.

One thing to note here is that we covered them all and proceeded from the lower to the higher. Covering them all isn’t strictly necessary, but going from lower to higher is. Think of it like you’re building a foundation. You don’t add the next floor expansion unless you know that your foundation is in good shape.

All-in-all, however, I find that when it comes to chakra energy healing for oneself it’s generally better to engage in preventative maintenance rather than to wait for a dire emergency. It’s easier to devote a few minutes to your spirituality and your energetic health rather than to try to scrape yourself off the floor after a total meltdown.  Most importantly, by keeping yourself in a well and balanced condition, you will enjoy life much more and you will live happier and stress-free.

There are lots of ways to participate in preventative maintenance for chakra energy healing.  The important thing to remember is to find what works best for you.  Whether it be using chakra stones that coordinate by color with each of the seven major chakras; using chakra pendulums to balance the spinning energy centers of each of the chakras; clearing the central column through meditation; surrounding yourself with intense white light; using the cosmic flame to burn through the central column, thus clearing any negativity or sludge that may be built up in each of the chakras.  Having a good preventative maintenance plan in place will ensure a smooth chakra energy healing session the next time you choose to do so.

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