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Cereal Diet – How A Daily Bowl Can Help

How A Bowl Of Cereal Can Help Your Waistline, Your Teeth And Your Immune System

There are many things that can make a big difference to our health throughout the day, but one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to improve your health in a number of ways is to start eating a bowl of cereal in the morning. It’s a refreshing and tasty start to the day, and it can do you a world of good.
Of course there are conditions here I’m afraid – I’m not talking any bowl of cereal and as you already know a cereal like Cookie Crisp or Lucky Charms isn’t exactly a superfood. The cereal I’m talking about is anything rich in fibre and fruit, with skimmed milk and a chopped banana on top. Something like Shreddies, like Special K, like Weetabix or like Fruit ‘n Fibre with that banana added for good measure.

So why is this so good for you? Read on to find out why.

Your Teeth

Having a bowl of cereal like this every morning will firstly improve your dental health. How? Firstly it will help to clean your teeth thanks to the fibre which will scrape away bacteria and lodged food, and secondly it will help to strengthen them thanks to all the calcium you’ll get from the milk (and often in the fortified cereals themselves). Many of us don’t get enough calcium in our diets, but a bowl of milk every morning will generally make up for that.

Your General Health

Meanwhile the fibre in that bowl can also help other aspects of your health. Specifically fibre is known for improving your digestion and this means you’ll feel less bloated after meals and have more energy. Meanwhile with less energy directed toward your digestion, you’ll have more to fend off illness and disease. Your immune system as well as your general health will also benefit from all the vitamins and minerals found in the raisins and banana too. Finally, the milk will also help to hydrate you which is important in the morning when most of us are dehydrated from the night’s sleep.

Your Waist Line

How is having a tasty cereal every morning going to improve your weight rather than damage it you may be wondering? Well the answer is simply that having a bowl of complex carbs such as these every morning is a great way to help prevent yourself from craving snacks later in the day. Your body will have a good supply of energy to keep you going, which means you won’t find yourself feeling lethargic and miserable and craving a sugar hit from chocolates or the like.

Your Mood

Cereal and Bananas!
This bowl of cereal can even improve mood – particularly with the addition of the banana. Bananas are known for being high in dopamine (particularly the riper ones) which is a happiness hormone that our body associated with reward. And as simply having a bowl of cereal in the morning also helps to keep your energy levels higher, this means you’ll feel less lethargic and down and your mood will benefit that way as well.

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