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Can't sleep? Theres an App for that!

If you lead a busy lifestyle and are constantly trying hard to find a work/leisure balance, have you ever looked into your sleeping habits? Many of us are suffering from a lack of proper sleep and never seem to be able to fire on all cylinders as a result. Our working day is such a struggle to get through that we rarely, if ever, hit our true potential. We wonder why others seem to be getting the promotions whilst we are forever in office limbo. If you feel this way and have given up on getting a good night’s sleep, please read this article. We talk about some ingenious gadgets that may just be able to help you out!

Pzizz sleep by Pzizz technology limited – $5.99

We get the ball rolling with an app from Pzizz technology limited, this will run on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, it requires iOS 5.0 or later. If you’ve ever marvelled at those clever hypnotists that seem to have the power to put anyone into a trance-like state, then this app is definitely right up your sleepy old street! The application will emit some seriously dreamy sounds that have been proven to help people slip off to the land of nod. Each track is built around a structured algorithm that changes each time you play it. This app has been downloaded in over 70 countries and seems to be doing its stuff rather well! As well as helping thousands of happy people nod off in the night, Pzizz can be used to grab a quick 20 minutes power nap on those oh so stressful weekdays. You’ll get a choice of soothing voice tracks to help you relax and you will soon be relaxing as you should be. We love this app and believe that over 70 countries can’t be wrong!

Ultra Sleep Sound Therapy System by Sound Oasis – $69.99

This gadget brings the sound of nature into your bedroom and achieves some fairly stunning results! It has been scientifically proven that humans tend to sleep easier when we are allowed to become immersed in natural sounds. The Ultra Sleep Sound Therapy System may be a bit of a mouthful but it promises to make up for that with its extremely effective therapy treatment. Your room and ears will be bathed in the natural sounds that we love to snooze to. There are 6 different natural sounds and we think each one is a real winner in the war against sleepless nights! You have the following to pick at your request:

  • Ocean Surf
  • Stream Sounds
  • Raining Sounds
  • White Noise
  • Summer Night
  • Wind Sounds

Each one of these has the ability to encourage a really deep sleep and you can choose how long you wish the soundtrack to whisper in your ear for. You can choose a slightly more rousing natural sound track to act as an alarm and you’ll wake up feeling ready to fight for promotion once more!

And Now For Some Sleep…

These are both excellent ways to beat those sleepless nights into submission, and hopefully you’ll soon be joining the ranks of deep sleepers out there in the land of sleep-aid gadgetry!

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